South African Whipmistress–Mistress Baton

You live in South Africa, I’ve had about 30k views from your country. Excuse my ignorance but tell me about life there (in general)?


Vanilla wise South Africa is a great country. We have breathtakingly beautiful scenery here, from deserts to tropical areas, to grasslands and mountains. Of course, everyone knows about our wild animals – I have seen the Big Five up close on safari. I love the people of my country. We have issues, like poverty, crime and racism, but we’re working on that.

Is corporal punishment widely used and accepted? Like at home, in school?

Many parents still use corporal punishment as an effective way of disciplining their children. It is not legal in schools, though, or in a judicial sense.

Were you spanked growing up?

Yes. We got the belt in our parents’ home. Sometimes, my mother used a wooden spoon. The CP itself was sore, but fleetingly so. The worst part, the part I hated the most, was the humiliation of having to bend over the bed and accept the punishment. It made me very mad.

You are into judicial canings, are those still legally done?


.No. Juvenile Judicial Corporal Punishment in SA was abolished in 1995. The same year which saw school CP being abolished. Judicial Prison Caning in SA was officially banished a few years before that.

Do you remember the first time you realized you had an interest in corporal punishment?

Yes. From TV series and films when I grew up, when CP of the more intense type were shown in dramas. I was particularly fascinated by a bastinado scene I saw in a random romance / adventure film. Most of all, I loved seeing slaves whipped while tied to a whipping pole. I didn’t like the unwillingness of the slaves being whipped, nor the concept of slavery. I loved the actual whippings, though. The sinuousness of the whip’s movement while travelling to it’s target, the fast strike of the tip, the slave’s back arching from shock and pain, the beauty of a skilled whipper’s movements…

Tell me about the first time you caned someone? How old were you? How did it come about?


.A few years ago, aged 36.
I confessed my suppressed BDSM urges to my beloved husband one evening. He said I should at least try it out since it was such an intense desire I had for it, since childhood. Since he has no interest in giving or receiving CP, he jumped on the internet, searched around and found an ad in which a ‘naughty boy needed a caning or some punishment’. He responded to the given mail address and received an answer shortly thereafter. We both went together to meet the guy and in order for my husband to feel comfortable about my safety. At the meeting, an appointment was made for the actual caning a few days later. I went to his house, very conveniently located in the suburb right next to us. I dominated him for a bit and then we started the bondage pre-caning ritual. The moment I put cane to bum, I knew this would become a huge part of my life. Being an occasional player would never have been enough for my sadistic desires and bossy nature, I loved it from the first moment. That man, my first canee, has subsequently become my slave. He has decades more experience than me, and the way I punish and conduct myself in the BDSM world, was heavily influenced by him.

Supportive husband. He’s okay, obviously with what you do?

baton hubby

.My husband – is fantastic. Although he’s not into giving or receiving CP, he is certainly not a vanilla. He films some of my clips and help me with planning and logistics.

How did it make you feel?

I was very excited, but also nervous. Once I started caning though, everything disappeared but his bum, my arm, the cane and the euphoria .

What’s your favorite part of the whipping? Is it a test of wills?

Let's bare that bottom

Let’s bare that bottom

I love everything about it. From my preparation before a session, to the actual punishment, to seeing the droopy-eyed ecstatic look of the canee afterwards, to witnessing the blooming of the marks I make on bodies. It’s never a test of wills. I only play with people who have the same wants and needs as I do, and I always adhere to their preferences as much as my own.

Do you offer private sessions? How do we contact you?

Yes. I de-activated my website,, for the moment because of a demented, obsessive cyberstalker. It will be live again soon though. I’m also on Fetlife (MistressBaton), and it’s ok to contact me on there for the moment.

Let’s digress for a moment. You are beautiful. An actress, and a blonde like your most famous countryman (except for the now infamous Oscar Pistorius) Charlize Theron. Secretly I’ve heard she is into spanking. Can you confirm or deny that?

Oh Charlize.....

Oh Charlize…..

Thanks for the compliment. I don’t know anything about her personally or about her being into spanking. Even if I did, I would not have told – I would never divulge anything personal about anyone.

How many mainstream movies have you been in? Anything we’ve seen in the States?

I do mostly local TV series in South Africa, mostly in my mother tongue, Afrikaans. So no, you would not have seen any of it. A movie I did, ‘Promised Land’, you might have seen.

You have a radio show too? You are busy. What kind of advice do you offer on the show?

baton radio

.I do. On I have stopped the shows for the moment, because of my BDSM and vanilla workload. I will start doing weekly shows on there again next year.

Is it a daily show? Do you have guests?

.It’s a weekly show and yes, I do have guests.

Have you ever whipped or caned someone on the air?

Yes. I have caned a radio host, Simba Gozo, on air during an interview him and Casper De Vries did with me last year, podcast available on the station’s website,

I say whip. Do you actually use whips?


.Yes, I do. I have several nine-tails, including one with lead woven in, a snake whip and bull whips. Although I cannot use a bull whip yet, since I do not have the space to practice with it. I love whipping.

Yeouch! What is your favorite implement?


.My favourite inplement – it is, and always will be, the cane. I absolutely adore canes and caning. But I also like tawsing, whipping, paddling (I have a vast paddle collection from slipper to wooden ones to leather ones, plastic ones etc), electrotorture with a violet wand, floggong (I also have a large flogger collection), chastity play (I hold several male subs in long-term chastity, both in person and long-distance), sjamboks (I am the proud owner of four sjamboks, including two hippopotamus hide sjamboks).

Do you have to restrain your clients?

Client restrained / unrestrained – I don’t mind at all, it’s up to them and their preference. As long as they lie still, this is essential because of the severity at which I play, for their safety.

You also do professional video’s tell us more please…..

I make exclusive, personalized clips for clients from all over the world. I give them a personal message at the start of the clip and at the end. The clip content will be to their specifications, provided it falls into my range of specialities and within my limits. Usually, they want me to whip, cane or spank females. Roleplay, dialogue, implements used, number of strokes, gender of the canee, wardrobe, etc are all determined by the client. I love doing this.

Say I just need an old fashioned over the knee spanking. Is that something you are interested in or is it to tame for you?

I don’t do OTK spankings. I don’t like using my hands for spankings, it hurts too much, ha-ha. I always use specialized spanking / caning furniture. I guess it is too tame for me. I really love playing hard with people who like to receive hard.

You whip men and women. any main difference in the sexes? Do you have a preference?

I have no preference and discriminate against no-one, I play with people of all races, ages and sexes. As long as they are healthy and am of legal age. The oldest person I have caned was 76 years old, and he took a really hard caning.

Who has a higher pain tolerance?


.I know people say women have a higher pain threshold than men. I do not agree. After having caned hundreds of people, I think men endure corporal punishment better than women, in general. Certainly at the level at which I prefer to play. There are exceptions, of course.

How often are you applying the cane to bare bottoms?

At least three to five days per week. I have caned as many as six people per day. I plan on doing a caning marathon sometime next year.

What do you get out of the whole experience?

MB_CC3I love the euphoria which comes over me, from the extreme focusing of my mind while giving CP. The energizing effect my role as Top gives. I love the marks I make, seeing the bloody little stripes or the raised welts from my cane. I love the pleasure and stress relief my punishments give the bottoms. I love the responsibility of the trust the bottoms place in me.

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13 Responses to South African Whipmistress–Mistress Baton

  1. baxter says:

    great interview.


  2. dave94015 says:

    Reblogged this on dave94015 and commented:
    thoughts of a professional #bdsm top…does caning give pleasure and stress relief to the bottoms?

    • Mistress Baton says:

      Thanks for the reblog.
      Re your question – absolutely. This is, of course, when the bottom is a masochist / sadomasochist / submissive who wish to receive the caning.

      For most people I play with, caning give pleasure / stress relief. Some bottoms also receive canings as an incentive to perform better in their profession / be a better person according to their own standards or morality. Some receive because they love the pain and impact play. Some do it because they adore the bruising. Some do it purely for the intense subspace rush. Some do it because they feel they need to be punished for things they did wrong. Some do it for the bragging rights. Some do it to prove to themselves that they can conquer the pain / the fear / anything, since my canings can be very extreme if they so desire. Some want to recreate a childhood / school / other corporal punishment memory (a type of regression). Some for other reasons, I’m not listing the more niche reasons, it will take too long.

  3. Eddy says:

    WOW I wish I lived in South Africa, she must be in big demand.

  4. CS says:

    It would be incredibly memorable to get a judicial caning from such a beautiful and challenging sadist. I hope she someday comes to NA.

    • Mistress Baton says:

      Thanks. I don’t know where NA is. I travel quite a lot. Feb 2016 in Barcelona, Spain and England. Dec 2016 in Australia. Follow me on BDSM social media (Fetlife or SpankingTube) to see details, should you wish. (Or check my website when it is active again)

  5. Peter says:

    My word you’re beautiful Madam! I’ve seen a couple of videos of you administering the most fantastic canings and I’ve felt nothing but envy for the people on the receiving end of your efforts. Please let me know if you ever find yourself in the UK and it will be my privilege to be your willing victim in the tongue twister game.

  6. jim d says:

    The canings look very intense. Of course I imagine that everyone who is into this sort of thing, imagines themselves being on the receiving end. I love the way you move and the light hearted approach you present during the sizzling sizzler game. My hat is off to your canee Tom for being able to take your punishment. I can only hope that if I were in his place, that I could take the strokes as well as he does. Thank you

  7. sidd says:

    Hello Mistress Baton

    I absolutely loved the BDSM video of you belt whipping a slave. I would like to have a session of BDSM with you. Can you please wear a nice pair of shorts and a singlet and give a good belt spanking. I am a novice to BDSM.

    please let me know your thoughts.


  8. sidd says:

    Hello Mistress Baton

    I absolutely loved the video where you whipped a slave using a nice leather belt. Can I request you to give me a similar session. I am a novice to BDSM. However I would like you to wear a nice pair of shorts and a singlet for this type of a session.


  9. Tommy says:

    Hello Mistress.
    I too liked the video where you whipped nude man using black leather belt. I have seen several of your videos on spankigtube and previews on clips(that can’t be named). You are amazing and very strong woman. I only wish you have spanked more women, There is only one clip “Up the Down Staircase” in which you spanks a women. Is that because you like more beating men? I would like you to made me exclusive clip for me in which you give a good bare bottom spanking to a attractive female :


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  11. Andries says:

    I wish I can be caned by you miss baton I love to be discipline by a mistress like your beating and discipline a lot

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