Brooks Applications FLASHback.

I loved Jennifer Brooks and her product way back in the day. Let’s not let her work go unrewarded.

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4 Responses to Brooks Applications FLASHback.

  1. Mike says:

    I was a big Jennifer Brooks fan in the day. Back before today’s social media, she had a well maintained web site and was always active on her own forum as well as on newsgroups. When she wasn’t doing a “trashy” scene, she was one of the most beautiful spankers in the business. Going over her knee was one of my favorite unfulfilled fantasies. It was a sad day when she folded the tent and moved on to another career. I hope she’s happy and well, and spanking someone, somewhere.

    And speaking of those who shouldn’t be forgotten, how about featuring “Mrs. Burns” of CDI and other places. Like Jennifer, I always thought she was among the best looking spankers of all time.

  2. baxter says:

    no idea who she is, but she could spank me


  3. A.J. says:

    I had a switch session with Jennifer!!! A long time ago, and just before she did her first video with Nu-West that made her reputation. Scheduled an hour in the morning, but we had so much fun just being together it lasted almost 3-hours! She was as much friendly and personable as she was beautiful. And that’s saying something!

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