My Fryday…Meeting Jenn…the Aftermath

I went back to a trusted disciplinarian (who interviewed me in the past) and asked her to interview Jenn and me about our session. Here ya go:

I don’t know why I’m doing the interview. I should be the one giving it. Next time I’m in LA Andy you are not talking your way out of a spanking from me. That being said, let’s begin. Ladies first. Hi Jenn, how was your trip to LA? Did you enjoy the city?

Absolutely loved L.A.! Great city with fabulous beaches, good looking people, and you couldn’t ask for better weather.


You did something special, you met Andy. What did you think when you first saw Andy?

Andy was great! I was just so HAPPY that when we finally met he was super easy going & fun, everything flowed so naturally…

Was he what you pictured?

I had no way to really “picture” Andy as I didn’t know if he was 18 or 81, tall or short, funny or serious, if he was a beach surfer, or Hollywood glam, or a down-to-earth guy.

He’s always complaining (to me) that he’s too old to be spanked, did you find that to be true?

There is NO such thing as being too old to be spanked! Where on earth do people get such crazy ideas? And no, I definitely did not find that to be true.

I’ve offered to blister his backside and he’s hasn’t taken me up on it, yet (lol), tell me was he fun to spank?

Let's go Andy

Let’s go Andy

Oh YES, very fun!

Was it different in any way, I mean him being an international spanking blogger?

When he first walked up to my hotel room door, and then later during the first couple minutes of spanking, I was a bit nervous! Worried what he might think of me & my spankings with him having some BIG celebrity clout in the spanking world, him having conversed with or met so many of famous spanking ladies who have been spanking for decades…but within minutes my brain shut off, the outside world drifted away and all that was left was Andy, me, spanking, lots of laughter and good times!

I know he’s been long overdue for one. How did he take it?


He took it like a champ!

How hard did you spank him?

You’ll have to ask Andy that.

Which implements did you use?

Oh gosh there were so many, I don’t remember them all. Here’s a few that I recall: the hairbrush, ruler, belt, wooden paddle, thin whippy cane, the Tantalizer, spatulas, and more.

Were there a couple that really elicited a response (this is for future reference Andy)?

Hard to say, Andy is a bit of an enigma…

How about positions?

Oh my there were so many…over the knee on the bed, scissor position on the chair, over the couch, toe touch, on all fours…

Ramble if you must, but tell me in great detail about the whole session?

No details, sorry, that stays between Andy & I. If he feels comfortable sharing with you (and his readers), he is more than welcome to…

Is there any one thing that is kodak memorable about the day?

How much fun we had!


I’ve found the secret of a great session is how well you bond. Did you two mesh?

Absolutely! Having “spanking chemistry” is the best because everything just flows smoothly & naturally like swimming with the river, instead of against it.

He told me you truly enjoy giving spankings and you are quite good at it. High praise from the king.  I know you are fairly new to it, so tell me, are you loving it?

Without a doubt, I am loving it! Having the time of my life, in case you couldn’t tell 😊

Alright young man, your turn. You had seen photo’s of Jenn, so no surprise when you showed up right?

I was more than surprised actually.  And quite pleasantly. I had never seen her face. Lovely. And even though I had seen photo’s she looked very different than I imagined.

But you liked what you saw?


Ohmigod yes. What legs. She was in the dress pictured.

Did you chit chat?

A little at first. I was nervous. She wanted to find out what I wanted from the spanking….role play, discipline, or a “fun” spanking. I think she meant fun for her.

So it didn’t take her long to haul you over her knee?

Not very long. She became quite professional and strict. Ordered me to remove my pants then had me go over her lap.

Warm up?

Yes, with her hand. I think she started over my shorts. But they didn’t stay on long.

How about the hand spanking?

Just long enough to warm me up, I guess. I don’t “color” very fast (so she said) and she went to her implements.

Which one?

jennd spatulaz

Not sure. I think it was a spatula. She didn’t show them all to me before she used them. I do know she brought a lot of implements and used them all.

I can’t wait to get you in a similar position. You know that, right?



Yes, ma’am.

Better. Let’s continue. What positions did she employ?

Over the knee in a chair, over her knee on the bed, over one leg so she could leg lock my legs (that was great), over her knee on the sofa. Over the arm of the sofa, bent over an ottoman. Her sitting on my back while I was on all fours. Hm, probably missing a couple…let’s just say many positions.

Was it fun?

haha. Really? It was a spanking.

But you are glad you did it?

I’ll tell you what I told her. I had, mostly, fun. She’s fantastic.

Was there an implement that hurt most?

jennd beltz

You think I’d tell you?

Then I’ll have try my whole arsenal on you.

I figure you will anyway. Again, I didn’t see them all. But yes, there was one that stood out.

Jenn is fairly new to this. Any comments, suggestions, tips?

She is wonderful and loves her job. Very enthusiastic. She wants to make the session memorable and, again for lack of a better word, fun.

Did she spank you hard?

My right cheek was sore for four days. She got in a few “sweet spot” shots that hit home.

Sweet spots?

You know, where the implement hits the right area at the right time. Like a homerun.

Ah yes, love those….anything else?

jennd MG_6322

She has a heart of gold. She is a really great person on the inside. (and outside) She enjoys spanking and is very good at it.

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  1. David says:

    Nice lap

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