More Caps? Sure…

most of you love them, a few of you don’t. Let me know if I should continue to post.

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8 Responses to More Caps? Sure…

  1. David says:

    Good ones

  2. baxter says:

    I enjoy the caps very much. Do continue to post them. Thank you.


  3. ds says:


  4. says:

    OH YES !!!..please continue with the captions, and I especially find it stimulating to see the spanking lady bare legged and barefoot.


  5. MrC says:

    I seem to be a minority voice on this one … can’t stand the caps – happy to never see one again

  6. mike says:

    I love the caps too please keep them coming

  7. Nick says:

    caps are the best…the more teasing, the more smirking, the more “power-attire” the lady is wearing that conveys who’s in charge, the better….of course there’s nothing better than to hear the lovely lady (or ladies) say “pull down your pants!”… of the threat that your spanking will be in the presence of her other girlfriends (or YOUR female friends!)

  8. Nick says:

    keep the caps coming! they are the best… especially ones that have the stern yet teasing lady saying to ‘pull down your pants’ and hinting that the spanking will be in front of her girlfriends (or MY female friends!)

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