Season Beatings from Ms. Weltsova

Hello dear Andrew,
Wanted to let you know my series of short stories (written by a sub but copyrighted in my name – I love such presents) are finally out, illustrated by Sardax – have a look/ read.
Hopefully you will fancy them – all spanking and caning.
I am sure your readers will enjoy them – Sardax did his best illustrating.
This is my Happy Holidays card to all naughty spanking fetishists : )
Part 2 is coming Dec. 22nd
Part 3 – Jan 2nd
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2 Responses to Season Beatings from Ms. Weltsova

  1. baxter says:

    that was a good initial part of the story.

  2. spen. says:

    Thanks for Your most interesting input, Lina (Ms. Weltsova?).
    “Season’s Greetings”.

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