Alice Morningstar Revisited

I hear you are in LA right now, is that right?


I’m in LA right now, yes, but only for another week or so, then I’ll be taking some time off for vanilla projects. I’ll be sessioning again in March.

Are you liking the city?

I’m enjoying myself, meeting lots of new people and exploring what the city has to offer. There’s a great food scene here, and lots of museums. And damn if the city isn’t just so picturesque (at parts). I’ve been exploring more of Los Angeles now than the last time I was here so I can see if I’d like to make it a more permanent base.

How long will you be here?

Only until the New Year, but I’ll be back, most likely when the northeast becomes unbearably cold again. I travel, a lot.

I also spoke with Naturally Gin, she said she loved hanging out with you. How did you two meet?



I loved meeting Gin: she’s a great person who is unequivocally herself and that’s really fun and refreshing; she and I talked a lot about spanking and I had a blast hanging out with her while I was in SF. We met through a common client, who had listed her as a reference. I reached out to confirm, and we started talking from there. We met in person while I was in San Francisco.

Did you do any double sessions together? Will you in the future?

We didn’t do any doubles, but we’ve talked about it, and it may be a possibility in the future. Who knows!

Where is your home base again, and how do we contact you?

Right now I’m living a peripatetic lifestyle, so I don’t have a home base per se. However, I’ll always return to New York City and most likely Los Angeles, so you could consider either one a base. Contacting me is easiest through my site: there are a few options there. I have a Twitter as well.

Are you on Santa’s naughty list this year?

Oh, I’ve been very, very good! I like to think that when you help people make up for their mistakes, it crosses your own mistakes off! That’s how it works, right? 🙂

Not sure about that one. You must be correcting a lot of mistakes of others then?

Need some correcting?

Need some correcting?

Business has been great! I’ve met so many truly wonderful spankos while I’ve been here.

Hopefully I’ll be sending some more lucky boys and girls your way. Do they get anything special if they say “Andy sent me”?

Uh, Andy sent me....

Uh, Andy sent me….

“I’ll make sure they get extra spankings, of course. Maybe some corner time thrown in, the naughty things. Oh, and 50USD off the normal price of a session: make sure they select the ‘Someone’s Gonna Get it’ option when the form asks where they heard of me. I’m only offering the discount from now until 12/31/15.”

$50 off? Could have led with that one. That’s very nice of you by the way. It’s a very limited time offer so make your plans to see Alice now. You’ve been a spanko all your life. Do you still love spanking as much as when you started?


I think my love of spanking has increased, actually. Since I think of this as a need and not a hobby, it ends up being the kind of thing that the more I do it, the more I want to do it. Even though I’ve been spanking professionally for a few years now, I still get excited before each session.

Do you remember the first serious spanking you ever gave?

How could I forget? It was a boyfriend in college. Though spanking wasn’t his fetish, we ‘traded’ in a way, and it was a lighter part of our own intimate play. There was one time, though, that in the middle of ‘play’ I started remembering all the things he’d done wrong: he hadn’t washed the dishes or taken out the trash in his apartment, and in that mindset, I started spanking him harder and harder. When he got upset, I told him he had had it coming, that if he’d done as he’d said he wouldn’t be punished, and he accepted the spanking! I actually bruised my hand that time. I like to think of how I would have handled it nowadays, and I can tell you, it’s right out of a Spencer fantasy!

What have you learned in the last year?


In the past year, I’ve explored some other things that I wanted to try: I played with whips and switches, neither of which I’ve ever played with before, and attended more parties, both private and public, than before. I also started a correspondence service. I talk about spanking every day, and have started guiding some people more regularly towards their goals, of course with spanking as a very big part of that conversation.

What is your spanking philosophy?


My philosophy is simple: the spanking is mine. I’m all for spanking for play or other reasons, but the kinds of spankings that I like the most are truly disciplinary, and I certainly don’t think you should be in control of your own spanking. No, when I spank, it’s my decision as to the intensity, the position, the implements, and so on.

Any new techniques or implements you use?

My armory is always changing. Recently I picked up a black rubber paddle (which I got with Gin!) and it’s been an utter dream. I also have some new wooden sticks, some new hairbrushes, and I’ll have a few new paddles in hand shortly. Technique wise, I’ve been playing with more restrictive positions and heightening anticipation. It’s evolution.

You always get the results you want from a session?


I’d like to think so. Obviously a spanking wears off, but then you just need more. I’m all about a truly thorough spanking.


Bonus: check out Alice’s spanking video:

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