Colorado Correction – Ms. Kimi

Hi Ms. Kimi. I found you after someone who’s bottom you tanned told me how great the session was….figured we had to talk. How long have you been giving spankings?
Personally, starting around 5 years old- I can remember smacking little friends on their behinds. Professionally, for about 15 months.  

You were a spanko since you can remember right?
That’s right.

Do you remember the first spanking you ever gave?

Yes, we would play out in this little fort I made on the side of my house. I took a little boy over my lap for pulling his sister’s hair and making her cry. He went home and told his mom. He and his sister didn’t come back to play again but my mother was notified and I was talked to.

You babysat and had permission to spank…did you use it often?
Only once.

Was it a boy or a girl?
That spanking was on a boy while his sister watched from the hallway, peeking around a corner.
That babysitting spanking, was it on the bare, was it with your hand? What did the parents say when they returned?
It was over the jeans, with my hand. I wasn’t going to say anything to the parents but the little sister told them. His Dad hauled him into the back bedroom and spanked him again, pretty sure with a belt, because he came out buckling his belt up.

Tell us how you got from there to where you are to today?

A really good friend and I were having lunch, he was interested in BDSM, I didn’t know much about it. I made a comment, joking, that I could be the best Dominatrix anyone ever had. He dared me to try – we went to our local BDSM club that weekend. That was it, I wanted to learn everything I could, as quickly as I could. I explored as much as I felt I could on my own but always came back to spanking.
A few years later, someone on Fetlife contacted me about doing spanking videos for a locally owned and well known spanking site. They had sent my information to the Co. and the Owner contacted me. I was out there filming later that week as a Guest Spanker. I began researching spanking, found out about Disciplinarian’s and knew immediately, that I was meant to be a Disciplinarian. 

Have to ask, ever been spanked yourself?
I have and I find it’s much better to give than receive. =)

You look like you could blister a bottom. Tell us about a session with you?
I really try to get to know the person prior to the visit. The more I know about you and your background, the deeper the session can go. Each session is unique and may include some type of role-playing, Domestic Discipline or Corporal Punishment.

What’s your favorite part of the spanking? Baring the bottom, first spank, wriggling?

That’s too hard to answer. I love it all!

What do you get out of the experience?
The power exchange dynamic is phenomenal, almost magical. 

Do you usually draw tears?
Only from a few people. 

Can you deliver a sound hand spanking?
Yes, and I’m often told my hand spankings are as hard as (or close to) being paddled with a paddle

Tell me about your favorite implements and why you like them so much?
It’s hard to choose. The Sensual Stinger that I sell in my store and is made by Sensual Paddles is one. I love it because it’s a 2-in-1 implement that is small enough to travel, does double duty and fits really well in my hand. It looks very non-intimidating but it packs a real sting on the wooden side. (That was not a shameless plug, I wouldn’t sell it if I didn’t like it.) Also, I have a Bulletproof paddle from PaddleDaddy that is clear and I absolutely adore it because I can see what’s going on underneath it, it’s a good weight and also feels great in my hand.  

Do you role play?

A lot! I am frequently asked to be mom, the babysitter, teacher or principal.
Do you enjoy the role play?
I enjoy it all, as long as people don’t want it to get too scripted. I’m a Disciplinarian, not an actress. 

You say you were a guest spanker for a popular spanking website. Does that mean you did video’s?
Yes and right now, I have clips on NiteFlirt, SpankingTube with Clips(that cannont be named) coming soon.  

You spank men and women. Any differences? Any preferences?
No, no preferences. The main difference I notice is that women tend to be more vocal and they are softer =) 

Tell us where you are located and how we can contact you?
I’m based in Denver, CO but travel the US monthly. You can reach me by sending a contact form through my website

And if they say “Andy sent me” anything special?
First time clients who say Andy sent them receive a 10% discount on their first one-hour session.

That’s nice. You host spanking parties. We have to know more about that?
The parties are a lot of fun. 

How many people usually attend, what’s the ratio?
Between 13-25 because my space is so small. I just put in a bid to buy a condo, which will be about 300 more square feet.
The ratio varies but I will admit, there are typically more men.

Is it a regular group?
There is a regular core group and each party we have new attendees who come from all over.

Many women spankers show up?
The interesting thing is that most of the women who attend, switch, which works out really well. If we have more male tops, they bottom; more male bottoms, they top.

Are they themed?
I decorate for each one based on holidays, think old school crepe paper and paper decorations- lol. As of yet, I have not had any themed parties. 

How does one get an invite to that?
Contact me through the website or Fetlife @emotionalsoulmate

You’ve been doing this quite sometime, what makes a perfect spanking?
Changing up the speed, intensity and implements to boost the endorphins higher and higher.
Why do you think people crave getting spanked?
I think there are lots of reasons. Perhaps they were spanked as a child and that makes them feel safe, or they enjoy the endorphin rush they get from it, or they feel as though they did something wrong and want to be punished for it. I could go on all day, but there’s no point in analyzing, we are Spanko’s – bottom line. 
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3 Responses to Colorado Correction – Ms. Kimi

  1. baxter says:

    I enjoy these spanker interviews.To think people can make a living or at least part of a living doing spankings is amazing to me.


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  3. When I learned Ms. Kimi was coming to town, I told her I’d love to see her. We emailed back and forth and kept in touch on FetLife before my session, and I was *very* pleased to get a call from her as she packed her suitcase. I got to pick the implements that would blister my backside!

    I was coming off a session with another disciplinarian where I set a lot of goals to get going on some home repairs that had been ignored for way too long. When I told my wife about the changes that were about to happen, she remarked, “I’m glad you’re all excited about this after getting your spanking, but I’ve been telling you about it for months.” That really cut me, and I knew she was right. So my session with Kimi focused on punishment for the long procrastination and negligence. And boy did she deliver!

    We set the stage for a visit to the disciplinary institute where I had to strip immediately and undergo an interrogation about my offenses and present a plan of action to correct them. She suspected I was holding back on my confession, so she continued the interview while spanking me vigorously over her knee. She became very cross when she learned I had brought implements but hadn’t presented them to her at the outset. So we went back to the bedroom where I was paddled, strapped and caned. Kimi included some spanking positions I wanted to try like strapping me from a zero angle (her standing near my head and shoulders so the strap end wrapped under my buttocks), and she paddled me in the diaper position until I started to get a little cramp in my foot. You can read more about it on her blog if you like.

    Ms. Kimi is a natural, and I recommend her highly because of her creativity and attention to my requests. She’s also a caring spanker who kept tabs on my physical and emotional state during the session. I’ll be looking her up for another session when I’m in Denver later this Spring.


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