Feeling Bookish? Miss Monica Wants You Well Read.

From my mailbox:

Hi Andy,

Here’s new way to stay connected to me and share some of our favorite fantasies.

I know you’re thinking about it. Now you can read about it.

 Danielle’s Naughty Neighbor, available on Amazon.

Let me know what you think. Maybe you’d like to be the inspiration for my next story. 🙂

-Miss Monica



So I had to find out more.

I’ve read the blurb from Amazon (and you can too by using the above link). Wow, it’s hot. What made you decide to put down the brush and pick up the pen?

I’ll never put down my brush! But writing about spanking is fun. It’s as hot for the writer as the reader, which makes it an extremely enjoyable activity. Spanking thoughts float around in my mind all the time. I love butts, and imagine spanking as many as possible. All shapes, all sizes, all types. I wanted to take snippets of fantasy and reality and put them in a form that others can enjoy. A book is just one more way for me to connect to people who think no one understands their desires. I do understand, because I feel the same way.

Tell us more about the book please?

“Cole Parker works at a high stress job, which sends him home angry most nights. It’s taking a toll on his health, happiness, and stability. He’s broken up with his girlfriend, snubbed his buddies, and put his fist through the living room wall. Embarrassed, but also in need of help, Cole turns to his handy-girl neighbor Danielle Mercer to repair the damaged wall. Danielle recognizes a naughty boy when she sees one, and introduces Cole to the concept of spanking as stress relief, as punishment, and as a way to her heart.”

It’s the story of something more than a traditional dating relationship. Of having needs discovered and then met in a mind-blowing way.  As long as two people are consenting adults, there’s no reason to deny what they want.

Nice cover. Is that you?


Yes! That’s really me on the cover. Take a close look at the reflection in the brush. You can see a naughty boy waiting to be spanked.

Are these based on past experience or complete fiction?

There’s a bit of truth in every fiction. Danielle and Cole are fictional characters, in a fictional relationship, and the exact circumstance of their meeting is fictional. But their feelings about spanking are very real. Feelings that readers will be able to relate to.

Are you working on the next one now?

I have a couple of college fraternity/sorority stories in the works right now. I’m also writing the next installment in Cole and Danielle’s relationship. For readers, these “mini-books” are a fast, fresh, and inexpensive way to stay connected to our world of spanking.

When do you know you have “a book” and not just a spanking story?

I think of the spanking story as the fantasy in your head. It’s probably a bit nebulous, jumps around or repeats scenes, and focuses intently on the triggers that make you crazy. You don’t have to explain your fantasy to yourself – you get it from word one. A book is the concerted effort to get that fantasy organized into a story that others can understand and relate to. It’s a way to bring a reader inside the heads of the characters and allow them to vicariously experience what the characters experience, and feel what the characters feel.

Had you written before?

I’m a professional writer, I’ve been writing a long time, but this is my first spanking book on Amazon. I love writing. I love spanking. I finally put the two together – writing about spanking.

It would be great to go to a book signing. Where you sign a copy and dish out a swat or two….might make the news?

Who wants their book signed?

Who wants their book signed?

I love the idea of dishing out swats! I’d never turn down a chance to do that.

I’m sure the line would be long. Or maybe do public readings of the novel at bookstores?

A public reading might be interesting. We wouldn’t make it through very many pages before the audience would have to take a break to…you know. Writing it was the same way!

Must’ve taken some time to finish…the book, then. You flatter me in your note asking if I’d like to be the subject of one of your books. Is that for real?

I’m always looking for inspiration. That doesn’t mean a blow-by-blow (haha) account of a session, or a relationship, but rather taking the ideas and the feelings and crafting them into something entertaining.

You haven’t given up your paddle though, right? We can still come see you?


As long as there are naughty boys (you know who you are!), I’ll be spanking them.

What’s more gratifying, finishing a book or spanking a bare bottom?

Each has its appeal. Writing a book takes a lot of work. Finishing it is rewarding, but at the same time, the project is over. The book doesn’t need my attention. Spanking a naughty boy is an ongoing process. It’s never finished. It’s only a matter of time before the naughty boy will need me again. I’ll spank him again. That’s gratifying.

You may find out more about me by taking a look at my website:

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