A Spanking by Any Other Name….

Meet Governess Katherine Worthington or  Sweet Mistress Cyn; or Ms. Covington or even locally to her clients. Why so many names?

cyn 10

I use the name Sweet Mistress Cyn primarily on Fetlife.
(I also used that moniker on a podcast interview I did)
I use the name: Ms. Covington in my private sessions
 and the name: Governess Katherine Worthington in the fetish films I make.

Why do you use different names?  Why not just use one?

It is about maintaining my “brands”.  It started out for privacy reasons and to keep a distinction between professional sessions and the films I make.  However, I realize my fans know I am one in the same, and that is okay.

What should I call you? Or any of my readers arranging a session?

Ma’am, Ms. Covington, Mistress, or Governess.  I am okay with any of it.

So you’ve been around in the adult industry for over a decade but is this really your second interview?

Yes.  The first interview was on a Podcast.

cyn 11

Well I’m glad I found you somehow. You look tall. How tall are you?


5’9” barefooted and around 6’0” with heels on.

Big enough to keep a naughty bottom over your knee. Why don’t we start by you telling us about how things were growing up.
Do you have any siblings?   Did you ever get spanked?

Yes.  I have a younger brother.  We both fought like cats and dogs so we both got spanked quite a bit.
My Mom was the primary disciplinarian and would keep a belt around her neck and belts hanging on the doorknobs for easy access!  LOL

You are from Texas. A state that still allows corporal punishment in the classroom. Was spanking allowed in your school at the time?


Did you ever get spanked in school?

No.  But I had male friends that had got spanked.
I was always attracted to the bad boys growing up!  LOL

Spanking is still allowed in many schools there. Do you agree with that policy?

Ah, Cynthia as a teacher!

Ah, what a lovely strict teacher!

Yes! Absolutely!
 I’m not sure which schools they are still allowed in (I would guess maybe the smaller towns?) but students were much better behaved overall when there was a fear of the paddle.  There were harsher consequences for bad behavior.  The students feared the ritual of getting marched down to see the principal or the gym teacher and the humiliation of the paddle across their behind.  These types of consequences left more of an impression (pun intended) than the “discipline” they are subjected to now.  It’s pretty sad, really.  Nowadays, there are a lot of parents and the majority of schools that mistakenly think it is “wrong” to spank a child for misbehavior.   As a result, we now have a generation of bratty, out-of-control kids that have a false sense of entitlement.  (steps off soapbox- LOL)

Did you witness many spankings?
Sadly, no.  I only heard about other kids at school getting spanked, but unfortunately never got to witness any.   Now, as a adult professional my spanko clients will muse about yesteryear when they would get spanked at school.   It’s funny how some never want to re-live that again and others want to re-live it over and over…

Have you been spanked as an adult yourself?

I have privately tried OTK spanking for fun a time or two before, but strictly a top now. 

You’ve been doling out spankings professionally for awhile now right?


Yes, since the end of 1999.  Although I’ve always remained very low key about it.
How did you get into it?

I have always been very open minded with a maternal nature.  It was 1999. I had just quit from being a flight attendant..  I had a friend that had been working for an escort agency. Since I was in between jobs, she suggested I do independent sensual massage.  I had some clients that also had fetishes, including some spankos.  I would happily take them over my lap, then continue with a massage after.   After the birth of my son in 2006, my maternal instinct kicked in even more so than before.  I decided to change things up a bit with a focus on all types of domestic domination type services with a focus on spanking.  The massage become secondary and used as aftercare.

Do you remember the first spanking you ever gave?


Yes, it was back in 1999.  I took him over my lap and gave him a bare bottomed, OTK spanking with my hand first and then a wooden hairbrush.  I didn’t hold back.  He wanted it hard and fast.

You look like you could do damage with just your hand?!


I have been told I “spank like a man” and even with just my hand leave quite the impression!  LOL

As adults, why do we crave/need spankings?

For some, it reminds them of past spanking experiences they want to re-live over and over again. For others, it is the need for assertive nurturing, accountability, and correcting naughty habits, mixed with the love of the adrenaline rush it provides.

What do you get out of the experience?

 The adrenaline rush and the interaction with others. 

Applied Psychology

Applied Psychology

Do you consider yourself a therapist in a way?

For sure! 
I look at it is therapy for my bottoms and truly love to help people with whatever disciplinary needs they have.  It is more than just an occupation- it truly is a labor of love. 

Does your family know what you do?

Absolutely.  I don’t get into all the details, but they know I do professional sessions, films and a painter.
They consider me a multi-faceted artist.  Each genre is a canvas within its own.

Do you have a favorite implement?

cyn 28

My leather strap is my absolute favorite.   I also love my wooden bath brush, long wooden paint stir stick, thin, stingy canes and I have an acrylic naughty stick that I especially love. 

Favorite positions to put your bottom in?

I like to do bare bottomed, OTK first by hand, then put him either on my spanking bench or in a standing position, tummy down, palms down, bent over my desk or medical exam table.
I also like spanking my naughty boys in a doggie style position with their hands flat on the floor and bottom up in the air. 

Do you spank many women?

A few.  Would love the opportunity for more.

Any difference in response, physically and emotionally, between men and women?

Absolutely.  I mainly see a physical difference, and that is generally the men can take a lot more.
Women are so much softer, more fragile and generally can potentially mark a lot easier.  

What about couples sessions?  Do you ever see couples?

cyn friend

YES!I love doing couples sessions!  I have had ladies bring their husbands for spankings and vice versa.
It is especially fun if the spouse not getting spanked is also involved in the role play, but just being an onlooker is okay too.  I’ve even seen a couple before where I spanked them both.  We made it into a video called:  “Spanked to Forgiveness”.

For those wives that are not into spanking at all and their husbands come to see you professionally, if you could talk these ladies to explain to them why their husbands are coming to see you what would you say?

cyn 30

First of all, know that your husband’s spanking fetish has probably been going on a very long time.
Unless it is just pure curiosity, it probably started sometime when he was in grade school and a situation that basically “imprinted” energetically onto him that he can’t help.   He wants to be spanked.  In his mind, you aren’t abusing him- you are helping him.  In his mind, discipline is a form of love.
If you are not comfortable with spanking your man yourself please budget for a professional disciplinarian.  Have fun with it.  Help him pick someone out.  Go with him if you’d like.  A professional is truly like a therapist.  This is just a different kind of therapy.  They care for their clients but in no way out to “steal your man”- far from it.  Like any other therapist, disciplinarians compartmentalize and don’t get emotionally involved.   In a nutshell, your man will be much happier if he is getting ALL his needs met – including the spanking ones.  

What would you say to those guys that are on the fence about seeing a professional disciplinarian?


Yes, there are events you can attend where you MAY get spanked, but there are no guarantees.
If you want a guaranteed one-on-one spanking with an experienced lady in a session tailored to meet your spanking needs, I would definitely set aside the money to make it happen.  Think of it as another personal necessity, just like a haircut!  LOL

So what about the films that you do?  When did you get into that?


We are banned from mentioning the specific clipstore web site specifics here….but could you give us some keywords we could do an online search for to stumble upon it?

Yes.  In addition to the spanking, I do many other types of domestic style videos as well.  I am the producer of the online video store: “Domination For Your Own Good”.  If you Google search the name it should take you straight to where my store is located. It is on a website where there are many other online video stores as well.  

Name a few of your most favorite spanking videos that you have done?

“Mommy’s Real Estate Spanking”
 “Casted MILF and friend spank the daylights out of a purse snatcher/Spanked for Stealing”
 “A Meeting with the D.A. “

I see you did a video a couple of years ago with the fabulous Dana Specht?


Yes!  I love that lady.  She is such a wonderful person and the best scolder I have ever seen.

From what I understand, the male models you use are mainly ones you have professionally sessioned with before, right?


So tell us why that is…

So that I fully know how much they can take before we ever get on camera.

So based on that, I’m assuming if a guy wanted to volunteer for a spanking film, your preference would be to privately session with him first?


It looks like here recently, it has been awhile since you have had any film updates.  What’s been going on with that? Everything okay?

I’ve had a couple of surgeries and broke my wrist so have been recovering from all that, but definitely plan to do more.

Hope you are recovering nicely. What’s the difference between an on camera spanking and a private spanking?


A private spanking is obviously one-on-one, more personalized and intimate. There is a safe word if the bottom wants one. I also love to offer a massage to the bottom afterwards as a form of aftercare.   An on-camera spanking is also good, but there is no safe word and more of a “no holds barred” situation.  My bottom must be prepared to take as much as I feel the need to dish out.  There is also a model’s release to be signed, a camera person present, and no bottom massage after.  I think there is probably even more of an adrenaline rush with the on camera spanking as I don’t stop until the shoot is over!  LOL

What part do you anticipate the most? Baring the bottom, the first spank, tears…..For me, it’s seeing the lap, and the brush, and being called over…..


I love prescribing and delivering the perfect remedy.  Calling my bottom over to scold them, having them fetch the implement I am going to spank them with, then take down their pants and put them over my knee.   

For those coming to Dallas, how do we contact you for a professional, private spanking session?

My preference is that you send a polite email introduction to: domesticdomme@hotmail.com.
 Include: Where you saw me (Here on this wonderful site, Backpage, A Sexy Service, my video store, Fetlife, etc.) a brief explanation of what you are looking for, and what date/time frame you have in mind.  
Please keep it brief and to the point.  Or, call me at: 512-591-8174.  (no blocked calls or texts, please)
If for whatever reason, I don’t answer, please leave a message.  It is totally secure and I am the only one with access to voice mails on this number.

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5 Responses to A Spanking by Any Other Name….

  1. Jon says:

    It’s great to see an interview with this talented lady. I’ve bought/watched a few of her videos and they are very well done. Thanks to you both for the interesting read.

  2. Roger says:

    Thanks Andy. Love it when you turn up another awesome disciplinarian, and Miss Cynthia’s practically in my backyard!

  3. Dr Jeff says:

    A FANTASTIC LADY – I wish you all the best.

  4. Mistress Tracy says:

    Fantastic interview! Love this women. :)))))

  5. JT says:

    I had a opportunity to see Ms Cynthia earlier this year and she is a fantastic spanker. She is very nice and puts you at ease when you meet her. She is really comfortable with role play and slips into the scenario seamlessly. I found her to have quite a heavy hand, you will know she is there. She had me bend over a bench and used her strap and then finished with her paddle. I had all that wanted for sure. If you’re in Dallas I can’t recommend her enough. .

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