Elizabeth Spanker. Wow!

On your site you say you “love spanking” take a moment, and in detail tell us about the spanking experience from your vantage point?
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Spanking​ from my vantage point…I enjoy delivering much needed discipline to those in need of it.  I am a strong woman with a lot of stamina, so I can deliver a long, intense spanking when required. 
I’m sure you can.  Do you have a favorite part of the spanking?
I enjoy everything from the warm up otk, starting over the underwear and then, once a bit of pinkness starts, pulling that underwear down to expose the pinkness, and continue to bring color to that bottom.  Making that discipline really sink in with the heavier strikes toward the end.  Whether it’s a light spanking for fun, or a heavy one that I know is going to leave me feeling spent by the end of it, I enjoy being the one to deliver. 
A spanking that will leave you spent? What kind of condition is the  recipient in?
I enjoy watching the naughty boy or girl take their spanking and seeing the changes they go through during it.  Letting them fight it a bit, then accept their fate and fully give into it. It is really a transformation that lets me know that they are truly getting what they are in need of.  Though I love having fun, I take what I do very seriously and make sure that these naughty boys and girls are getting what they need and deserve when it comes to appropriate discipline.

At what age did you first get turned on by spanking?

I only learned of the joys of spanking as an adult.  When I was a child, we were always threatened with the strap.  That strap hung on my bedroom door as a constant reminder of what the punishment would entail.  I was a good kid and never got the strap as punishment, but I sure feared that thing growing up!

Do you remember the moment it was triggered?

​ The moment it was triggered was with a play partner who was looking for DD more than a BDSM scene.  I was honestly a bit hesitant, thinking that I was stepping outside of my comfort zone.  I can’t begin to explain how happy I am that I did!  Once he was over my lap and I was spanking his lovely, round bottom, I knew right then that this was going to be it for me!
Was spanking popular in your community growing up?

Considering I grew up in the 60s and 70s, indeed, spanking was popular during that time.  It was commonplace and it was also a great way to teach kids a lesson.  Granted, some did become fascinated by it as well, but I think overall it worked as a deterrent for bad behavior of youngsters. 

Were you spanked as a child?


We got swatted on the backside, but I cannot remember a fullfledged spanking.  I also used to have my hand slapped for touching something I was told not to touch.  If I pulled away from the slap, Mom would hold my arm at the wrist, make me hold my palm out flat and then she would slap it with her hand.  I am sure it was not as heavy a smack on the hand as I thought it was, but the act of holding your hand out there for a slap was pure torture to a kid who knew they were in for it.

Was it common in the schools?


It was very common, especially in my Jr High School.  Those who were in ​the type of ​trouble that warranted SWATS had to go to the Assistant Principal’s office for it.  They would have to bend over, grab their ankles and look at a picture of a monkey on the baseboard.  I was a good student and never had to go in for swats, and I know, if I’d been in trouble to warrant swats, my parents would have wanted the honors.

When did you give your first spanking, who was it to, and how did it happen?

There was the occasional fun spanking growing up, birthday spankings and the like, however at that point, I did not realize that spankings were going to be an integral part of my life.  My first serious spanking, going into a play scene on a Domestic Disciplinarian level, was with a play partner who was all about spanking.  We immediately connected and realized our role play was more than that, it was truly a dynamic.  That partner helped set my course with spankings on a personal, and a business, level.

Were you hooked then?

Indeed, I was!  Though I had been involved in the general BDSM community for awhile and enjoyed myself there, once I gave that OTK spanking, bare hand to bare butt, I was completely hooked!  

When did you decide you wanted to do this professionally?

I realized that I wanted to move forward professionally a few years ago.  I had a good way with people in general, and I had found that there were a lot of people interested in receiving discipline, whether they’d been naughty or hoping to have me help them stay focused and on task.  I only have limited time for private play and felt that I should consider offering my services on a professional level.  It became apparent rather quickly that my mature age was very much to my advantage.  Once I hung my shingle out with an “Open for Business”, things were booming!

How has the experience been so far?

Moving forward professionally has been one of the best decisions I have made.  I am spending time with people who appreciate my unique skill set, as well as my ability to keep their privacy for them.  I am making changes this year(2016) at my vanilla office, now making Thursdays also available for clients in need of daytime sessions.  I find the experiences with my clients as rewarding as they do.  

Tell me more about your sessions. Are you more disciplinarian or therapist?

It all depends on a client’s needs.  I do a lot of discipline, and I mean a LOT.  However, many clients do need someone to hear them out with issues they are not comfortable sharing with others in the vanilla community, and I do my best to help give them sound advice, along with their sound spanking.  With some role play scenarios, re-enacting something from childhood(school, parent issues)I am often both disciplinarian and therapist at the same time.

Why do you think we grown ups feel the need to be spanked?

I feel that spankings take us back to when we were held accountable for our actions in a very tangible manner.  You knew you did wrong when you got that spanking as a child.  Spankings take us back to where we could experience atonement for our misdeeds and we felt the results for a day or two.​  As adults, we have to “cover our asses” in so many different ways with work and day to day life, having it uncovered for some much needed punishment has a lot of appeal.   Adults benefit from the basics of spankings in so many different ways.  Stress relief, actual punishment for bad behavior, and helping one focus on tasks and goals are three really big ways.  Being able to go over that lap and take that punishment like a big boy or girl really helps with some emotional balance for many.

Do you have a spanking style?

​Myspanking style…well, I like to have fun.  Unless we are doing what needs to be a very serious spanking scene, I will have fun and you will hear me laugh, even if you’re not.  It’s probably best that you don’t laugh while I’m spanking you as you will likely get it even harder!   
You will role play won’t you?
Yes ​, indeed, I will role play.  I enjoy it tremendously and have been told that I do a fine job of it, as well.  I enjoy being given a scenario idea and then running with it.
Any favorite scenarios?
I enjoy any number of scenarios, especially when a client has a passion for a particular one.  That’s when you know that they are going to find benefit and catharsis from a role play spanking.  I am very fond of Teacher/student, Mother/son/daughter, Auntie/nephew/niece.  I also enjoy the Boss/employee, Police Detective/criminal role play as well!
I know you spank both girls and boys…any difference in the two?
​ I​n my experience, I have found that naughty boys tend to be a bit more wiggly when taking a sound spanking.  Not all, of course, but I would say that boys offer me a bit more of a struggle than most girls.  It seems that, when a girl goes across my lap, she is fully aware of why she is there and, perhaps, a bit more accepting of her fate.  Now, there are girls who whine and cry, requiring me to pin their hand back or leg lock them, but I have to say that more boys are in need of those actions from me than the girls are.  Girls are usually more willing to give me their tears, also.  Part of that, I imagine, is society’s views on boys crying, so, when a naughty boy takes his spanking well and gives me his tears, it is truly a special moment for us both.

Where are you located and how do we get a hold of you?

I am just outside of downtown Indianapolis by about 10 minutes; Beech Grove, to be exact.  The best way to contact me is via email at MissElizabethSpanker@gmail.com.  Phone calls work, too, but they are much more difficult to field.  Most phone calls will go to voicemail and I will return calls once I have a few minutes to do so.  My phone number is 317.757.9815. And, of course, check out my site: http://misselizabethspank.wix.com/misselizabethspanker

What kind of space do you use, your home?

My sessions are done in my living room.​  I strictly have a Domestic setting and my living room has worked very nicely for all sorts of role play scenarios as well as spankings of all kinds.

I’m guessing you love otk the best? Favorite implement?

While I do love otk, you can only go just so heavily when spanking otk.  When I have someone that needs to have a very heavy spanking delivered, I will usually have them lay over the arm of the sofa so that I can get a full swing into it.  With otk, I do love using my bath brush and hairbrush, as well as a few smaller(hairbrush sized)paddles.  However, when it is time to really deliver some extra heavy punishment to a naughty boy or girl, it’s over the arm of the sofa and I love to use my big, leather strap​.

Can you give a sound hand spanking?

Indeed, I can.  I have been told that my hand hurts as much, if not more, than my small, otk paddles.

I’m sure I could listen to your stories all night…what do your friends and family think of your job?

My friends(those within the community)are often jokingly jealous about the number of impact scenes I get to participate in.​  The family members who know about what I do are so supportive and happy for me.  They realize that I love what I do and I bring focus and structure to so many lives who would not have either without spankings.

Any of them jealous? I’m sure we’d all love to put someone over our knee at some time?

I know there are quite a few family and friends who wish they were in my position of administering discipline on a regular basis!  I can’t count the times I’ve heard from a particular family member to “give an extra swat for me!”, which always brings a smile to my face, as I reassure her with, “I most certainly will”.
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2 Responses to Elizabeth Spanker. Wow!

  1. slavedoggieboy says:

    I so wish i was in Indianapolis. She looks awesome and i would give anything to have the chance to see her and have a few sessions with her. Two things on her list of services are big with myself, Bastinado and face slapping, and i would not mind being able to worship her beautiful feet and strong and shapely legs.

  2. Matt says:

    I had the opportunity to meet Miss Elizabeth. As a novice, and it my very first time, she took the time to explain the implements, understand my needs and to explain the importance of aftercare, (which she took care of). We found out that I could take a lot more than anticipated! Miss Elizabeth is a sweet, kind, “heavy handed” lady that knows how to swing a strap and a paddle…..I recomend visiting her!

    Grade A lady!

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