Dear Ms. Marwood

Edition one. Let me know if this works or the print is too small? Need comments and questions…oh the best way to see this is click on the photo then go to full size on bottom right and click that. I’ll work on the text size in the future.


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10 Responses to Dear Ms. Marwood

  1. Master Anton 7 says:

    Going to the original large pic, on a big screen is readable. Not on a tablet or smartphone, though.
    Thanks, anyway, interesting article by the lovely Ms.Marwood.

  2. baxter says:

    way too small

  3. nawteeboy4u says:

    too small

  4. Kevin R. says:

    A bit difficult to read because of type size, but wonderful none the less. Please thank Miss Harwood for her great advice on my predicament. Hopefully things can be worked out in my current situation, as per her advice.



  5. slavedoggieboy says:

    Way Way Too Small

  6. OwwItHz says:

    Totally unreadable. Why not make a clickable link to a PDF?

  7. David says:

    way too small

  8. Declan Heyse says:

    Definitely too small to read unless the image is viewed full size. Great text, though.

  9. OwwItHz says:

    OK, now that you’ve pointed out the “View full size” button, I am able to read it on my desktop computer. But that button is so small that I missed it inititally. You really need a better way to do this than with a photo or screen shot. I’m sure Ms. Marwood wrote it on a computer, and if she’s willing to have her writings posted on your blog, she’d be willing to share the file with you. And if you’re using her writing without her approval, well . . when she finds out, SOMEONE’S GONNA GET IT!!!!!

  10. blind says:

    Please don’t post the text as an image, no matter the text size. Doing so prevents people who need to use accessibility tools such a screen reader from getting Ms. Marwood’s advice.

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