Boardwalk Badness Weekend – Miss Terese Reports

Here is a recap of the fabulous Boardwalk Badness Weekend spanking party. Miss Terese was kind enough to put on her reporter’s visor, roll up her sleeves, and bring you this eyewitness account of the bash.


By the way, you too can find yourself over Miss Terese’s lap:


Hi Andy,
Well, I missed you at Strictly Spankings Boardwalk Badness Weekend spanking party in Atlantic City.
And to all of you others that couldn’t attend let me wrap it up for you. BBW was very exciting and there was huge amounts of spanking fun going on all weekend.
I arrived on Thursday in time for lunch with organizers and it was a good chance to catch up with old friends and make some new ones.

In the afternoon there was a pool and hot tub party and then on to Magic Steve’s spanking magic show. A lot of fun and those girls who couldn’t guess the correct answer got spanked in front of everyone by Magic Steve. He is a really excellent Magician and if you were unlucky enough (or lucky enough) to get picked you may have resigned yourself to be spending quality time over his knee for getting the wrong answer.

There was a party later that evening in the host suite but I didn’t attend as I had to get my beauty rest as this was going to be a very busy weekend.

On Friday early afternoon was the “Bad Boys Punished” event on the suite level. In two hours I must have spanked at least 35 bad boys and there was still a line….lol. In all there were about 7 or 8 eager Disciplinarians turning all those bad boys’ bottoms a nice shade of red. My hand was a nice shade of red when I finished. Plenty of refreshments were on hand in all the suites.

Later Friday evening there was another party in the host suite for those night owl spankers and spankees.

Friday evening there was a spanking carnival with lots of spanking games like:
-a ring toss, every ring you got on the post depending on whether you were a top or bottom you got to spank or be spanked by the lovely woman manning the game.
-spanking booth, have your fortuned told and depending on the cards you select you get to give or receive.
-floating rubber duckies, a number on the bottom indicates the number of spanks….you can’t lose.
-a spanking wheel….lots of numbers for you know what.
All the games had male and female tops and bottoms so everybody was a winner!
Lots of vendors with very nice handmade implements so I came home with some new toys. (So come see me and let me try them out)!
On Saturday was the Boardwalk Academy for Girls. I didn’t participate as a Disciplinarian but was doing private sessions in my room with people I know.
There was a complimentary lunch on Saturday and then the Male Uniform Top event. There must have been 45 men dressed up in uniforms on stage and the ladies got to pick a guy in their favorite uniform and get taken in hand for some OTK spanking.
Later that day was the girl’s only spanking event in the suites. No guys, just girls. Lots of fun, I spanked a lot of naughty girls at this event also.

The highlight for me was the Saturday evening Masquerade Ball. Everybody was dressed to the nines. Great food and lots of dancing. And there was spanking booths off to the side for some additional correction for the naughty boys and girls.
On Sunday I slept in and missed the Punishment Court. I attended the last one and it’s a lot of fun. Anyone can put your name in for punishment so you never know if you’re going to be called by the Judge for a spanking in front of the crowd.
Alas the spanking fun was over for me as it was time to travel but there was a spanking cruise later.

Well the fun was over but not the memories. The organizers did a FANTASTIC job of getting everyone who attended involved weather a top, bottom or switch. My thanks to them.
Miss Terese

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6 Responses to Boardwalk Badness Weekend – Miss Terese Reports

  1. Tim says:

    Hi Miss Terese,

    I missed this event, and as a result time over your lap.

    I wanted to get your perspective on how different the intensity of your spanking are between a play party versus am in person session. Do you give a real punishment spanking?

    Your last post indicated interest in figging, nettles, and use of poultice . We’re you able to use any of these at Boardwalk?

    Lastly, your 1st picture (with the short skirt) is heavenly. If one wanted to ask you to consider wearing that during a private session, would you be willing and how should one reference the outfit?

    • Miss Terese says:

      Hi Tim,
      Play party spankings can be short but very intense. Ten minutes over my knee with a NuWest hairbrush being vigorously applied to your naughty bottom will certainly get your attention and feel like a punishment spanking.
      During an in person session we chat for a while before I begin a session as well as on the phone before we meet to discuss your needs and limits. A longer warmup will help you get into the right headspace and of course get the endorphins flowing leading to a punishment spanking.

      I didn’t use nettles, do any figging or use a poultice pouch at BBW.

      Of course you can ask me to wear that skirt during a private session, just reference BBW and the black and white skirt on Someonesgonnagetit.

      Thanks for your questions Tim,
      Warm Wishes, Miss Terese

  2. jr says:

    I was there and it was great fun! Miss Terese knows her craft. I couldn’t sit very comfortably for several days after the bad boys punished event. You had to present a detention slip filled out to her with the reason why you were there to be spanked….she gives a great scolding and doesn’t let you off her lap until you apologize for your behavior. Cant wait to see her again.

    • Miss Terese says:

      HI JR,
      It was very nice to see you again and I am glad you had a spanking good time at BBW.
      As I recall your detention slip said you back talk and have a sassy mouth. Its good that you felt like you were punished for your misbehavior. Too bad I didn’t have a bar of Ivory soap with me…your mouth would have gotten a good soaping as well as the hard hairbrush spanking you received.
      Warm Wishes, Miss Terese

  3. Er says:

    Ms Terese,
    Do you ever travel, maybe Michigan?

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