Dear Ms. Marwood Fantasy v. Reality

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Dear Ms. Marwood,
I fantasize about being spanked, but never have been. I think it might play better in my mind than in real life. What’s your experience been with first timers?
Dear Bruce,

Great question! People come for a first time spanking for many different reasons. Usually, those like you, who have fantasized about it for years – often since childhood – take right to it… and they are off and running from then on!  I had a young woman who was a coaching client a few years ago who kept insisting that she didn’t know if this was really for her, and she wasn’t sure if we should actually try it. Maybe her attraction to it was all in her mind. I spent an hour or two in her first life coaching consultation. Afterward, she fretted and backtracked when the time came to get her first spanking. I promised to proceed very slowly and that she could call an end to it at any time, since it was her first visit & she hadn’t had a chance to break any rules yet, so the spanking was really just a test run. I tried many implements on her–much less harshly than with an experienced spanko–and she was quite shocked that they stung. She almost took herself off the spanking bench a couple times. Finally, I said she’d had enough to know what a spanking is like and we ended it. Funnily, enough, as we were setting up our next meeting, she got this distant look in her eye like she wasn’t really hearing me, and she blurted out, “Can we go back in the spanking room and do some more?” I knew then she was a spanko. And she erased any doubt of it the next time we met! In a different vein, there was a man with whom I’d had several phone chats. He wanted to be spanked–couldn’t stop obsessing about it–but was afraid of what it would be like. Each time, I told him he was welcome to visit me if he ever felt ready to “pull the trigger”. Finally he did that. I very carefully gave him a taste of different implements and techniques and after about 15 – 20 minutes he announced that he was done… and really didn’t like it. We had a short visit afterwards and talked about how strong his mental/emotional attraction was re: spanking, only to find that he didn’t want it. A year later I got a call from him. He said he could not stop obsessing about our spanking session, and about spanking in general, and felt compelled to try it again. We did that, and once again, he decided it wasn’t for him. But…. I heard from him a few more times over the years, telling me that he still can’t stop fantasizing about being spanked. So, go figure! In short, the only way you will ever know if you’re a true spanko, or not, is to get yourself over a lady’s lap and “feel the burn”. 
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5 Responses to Dear Ms. Marwood Fantasy v. Reality

  1. James says:

    A lot of guys who are really into being spanked by a woman (including me) often say that they do not like it at all in the moment, but the anticipation and thoughts afterward are what keep them doing it. That’s why the fantasy is so great, but the in the moment reality, not so much. I could do without it, but it seems here to stay.

  2. lobster says:

    Ms. Marwood is an able and an exceptional disciplinarian. If you have never tried it but been thinking about it you could not find a better person to help.

    • James says:

      If I lived in New York, I would apply for her services in a hot second.

      • lobster says:

        Well, I don’t know where you live but if you keep checking Andy’s site he will probably recommend someone in your area. He seems to have quite the little black book. I found an excellent disciplinarian, Ms Therese,, in New Jersey through his site. Keep searching and don’t settle for something that doesn’t fit the bill. Be sure to be upfront and honest in stating what your needs and desires are. Good Luck

  3. A.J. says:

    I’m with James. It’s a nice 1-3 time a year thing for me (giving or taking) that I do because I think it’s fun. However, if I never get to do it ever again, I’m fine with that, too. The fantasy is fun.

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