Dear Ms. Marwood

marwood headerDear Ms. Marwood,

Do most professional spankers take spankings too? I don’t mean from clients per se, but in real life? Maybe that’s talking for others. Do you or have you ever been spanked? Are there benefits to a top being spanked? I would think their would be. And what’s that experience like for you?
Thanks so much for answering questions from us, and thanks Andy for giving us this forum. Excellent blog. Check it everyday.


Dear BarebottomBob,

Yes, Bob, there are many Pro Spankers who like to switch.  And many who don’t. When I first started playing in the CP world it was introduced by a boyfriend who’d been doing it all his life. Since I didn’t know much about it, but was the adventurous type, prone to give most things a try, I tried giving AND receiving.  I wasn’t a fan of the receiving part.  In fact, it made me kind of mad.  I did kind of enjoy seeing how much my boyfriend enjoyed spanking me so I did my best to take a spanking. Eventually, he realized it wasn’t for me so we just stuck to
giving him a good, sound thrashing, which he loved.  I would have no interest in taking a spanking now,  but I

do agree there are benefits for anyone who is going to give spankings to know what it feels like to get one! And when I decided to try disciplining people professionally, that same boyfriend insisted that experience at least a couple swats from each and every implement in his collection… which was extensive. Now I know which ones to use for warming people up, and which to use for serious punishment. How hard to apply them. How to avoid leaving marks. And other things that help me administer the right type of spanking for each different person. 
Come on professional spanker? What does that mean? I have a lap and a hairbrush too, and I pull down my boyfriends pants and light him up. Does that make me as qualified as you?
Dear Cathy, 

Are you qualified to be a professional disciplinarian? That’s a very broad question. Is everyone out there who holds themselves out as a professional qualified?  Not according to some reports my clients have recounted to me about sessions they’ve had! You may well be better than a lot of them.  As far as whether you’re “as qualified as me” to do it, I can only say this: I hold myself to a pretty high standard. I care about each person who entrusts himself to my care and feel a great responsibility not only to deliver a fun, engaging, satisfying spanking experience, but also to do it safely. I don’t accept a prospective client unless I feel he is someone I’d enjoy spending time with, and therefore care about.  I invest a lot of my time interviewing people ahead of time, for which I do not get paid, because there is also this aspect  you are providing an emotional and psychological experience for the client, which requires an understand of this person and his needs. Before hanging up my shingle, I did tons of research. I read booksboth fiction and non-fiction about domestic discipline, BDSM, I even read what the DSM-4 had to say about CP & fetish predilections, to learn about the medical profession’s interpretations and responses to it. Also, over the years I have sat with hundreds of people, after our sessions, and listened as they shared some very deep feelings and experiences. It has given me a very broad understanding of the many levels of this subject and a healthy respect for the fact that it means very different things to very different people and it’s my responsibility to understand what this may be for each individual.  You sound like you know your way around the” tools of trade”, so you may well have the makings of a great Pro Spanker. As far as “as qualified as me” or some of the other highly regarded Ladies in this industry, I think it just depends on whether you care enough to invest yourself in the people you put over your knee. Meanwhile, with the enthusiasm you sound like you have for “lighting up” your boyfriend,  I’m sure you’ll have a lot of spanking good times together, and isn’t that what it’s really all about? 
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3 Responses to Dear Ms. Marwood

  1. I have been over Miss Marwood’s lap and can vouch for her that she gives a darn good disciplinary spanking.

  2. Paul Cape Town says:

    The irony of this debate is that anyone with a spanking implement could consider themselves to be a professional. I live in Cape Town and every “pro” who owns a cheap gimmick crop considers themselves to be a professional. So I say it is the receiver who deems you good enough to be a professional, not the spanker themselves.

    I have spanked many bottoms and am not a pro, I have been spanked by at least 30 women and only consider one of those to be good.

    Its not about the act, but about the imagination and the realization you provide for the spankee.

  3. James says:

    A good pro (as I imagine Ms. Marwood is) is much more than someone with a lap and a hairbrush who “lights” someone up. A good pro is able to give a variety of different types of spankings, such as: 1) playful, 2) disciplinary, 3) role playing, 4) stress relief. A good pro also tailors the session to the interests of the spankee and has acting skills and the ability to make skilled use of spanking verbiage. You’re there for a full experience, not just to get hit.

    More importantly, a good pro knows how to play safely and respect the spankee’s limits (e.g., no bruising, no blood, etc.). She knows how to watch if a spankee slips into a subspace and loses his ability to react or verbalize or if some sort of trauma is triggered and the spankee starts to experience severe distress beyond what would be desirable in the scene.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of women with a hairbrush who put out ads and call themselves “pros.” At best, the sessions are unsatisfying. At worst, they are dangerous..

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