Dear Ms. Marwood – Spanking Therapy

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I’ve read about spanking therapists. Is this a real thing? Do you think you can help people with the use of corporal punishment? Wouldn’t the people that seek out this treatment probably like being spanked? Where’s the deterrent?

In a real sense, spanking can be very therapeutic for a lot of people. They release tension, get the cobwebs out and clear their mind, and feel newly refreshed after a good bare bottom tanning! But I’m guessing that by “spanking therapy” you mean something similar to  my Spanking Life Coaching Program.  And, yes, this IS quite effective for many, many people. Some of them are not even spankos! They just have tried everything else to motivate themselves and they still can’t get up off their asses and get stuff done. For them, spanking is a BIG deterrent, because they never wanted one in the first place.

Most of my Spanking Life Coaching clients are spankos.  And the spankings are definitely a deterrent for them also. The first consult I do with everyone has a spanking portion at the end. The purpose of this, since they have not yet had a chance to do anything wrong, is for me to calibrate their spanking tolerance so that I can figure out the difference between the kind of spanking they seek out when they want a recreational session, and the kind of spanking that affects them as real punishment.  Believe me, they do NOT want the kind of spanking they will get if they don’t get their “homework” done!  I have seen great success with this “spanking therapy”.  People have lost weight and gotten in shape, prepared to defend their doctoral dissertation, one man restructured and updated his office procedures and technology during the course of our work together. It’s just a matter of figuring out how to make the people more scared of me than they are of their long-procrastinated problems.

Settle a bet. Does a true spanking have to be done on the bare behind?


There is really no such thing as the definitive “true” spanking.  I would say that any kind of spanking that hurts the Spankee is a true spanking. Some people are writhing in pain when being spanked over their trousers.  And then, of course, you could always take the hairbrush to a Spankee over his/her jeans and they could absolutely be left with a red sore behind. Moreover, there are Spankees I know that can receive the heaviest paddles, straps, canes, and what-have-you and leave without even the slightest trace of red. Traditionally, however, it is considered de rigueur to peel a naughty boy or girl’s clothing down layer by layer in a spanking by starting over the trousers, then pulling them down and spanking over the underwear, and finally exposing the bare cheeks, eliciting the greatest dread for one’s intended “victim”.  Perhaps this is what your betting compadre meant by a “true” spanking. But it’s all relative. Personally, I think all of the above is very real and true, but I never feel that a spanking is complete without baring the cheeks to some good, sound stinging swats!

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4 Responses to Dear Ms. Marwood – Spanking Therapy

  1. James says:

    I’ve seen at least two uses of “spanking therapy.” One is that the act of being spanked allows you to reach buried emotions and let them out in or to relieve guilt. There can be a huge “letting go” because you’re not in control. Even though it may be unpleasant while it’s happening, you can experience a strange calm afterward. It’s not “therapy” in the sense that you analyze your issues and figure things out, at least in my experience.

    For me, the other therapeutic use is that it provides a way to relieve what was a traumatic childhood event in a controlled way where I know I will get through it. Some of us experienced childhood spanking as a very negative, traumatizing event. Re-enacting it in a situation where ultimately we are in control can be therapeutic. I also vent the the very negative feelings I have about with the dialog I have with the spanker and some non-verbal responses.

  2. franzcoughka says:

    I am a spanko, but I believe spanking discipline would be highly effective for me, probably more so than any other form of behavior modification. Being a spanko does not necessarily mean you enjoy being spanked and, in my case, the reason I am fascinated by it is because I’ve always hated it. I do not enjoy the pain, but the real deterrent is that the punishment is so embarrassing. The idea of Ms Marwood as my spanking disciplinarian is extremely attractive, but I would do my best to avoid her needing to punish me. Fantasy and reality are two very different things. There is also motivation to be “good” because I want to be a success, not only for myself, but for Ms Marwood. Spanking is the focus of the discipline relationship, but it’s not just about spanking. It’s about working with someone you respect very much, and their discipline must therefore also be respected. It can’t be treated as a game. The promise of punishment is a deterrent to bad behavior, while the relationship is incentive for good behavior. If the nightmare comes true, and a spanking is needed, it is the authenticity and respect that make it possible.

  3. spanko says:

    I appreciate the effort that has been going into this advice column. I think it is great. Keep up the nice work!

  4. A.J. says:

    I never thought about this one way or the other until it happened to me.

    Keeping it short my job was grueling making me nervous, testy and unpleasant to be with. One day while on travel I took it out on the GF. Returning home a week or so later I was at her home and she announced a spanking. OK; the hand-spanking we usually do that leads to some great sex! Kool!

    I got the hand-spanking and then, when I thought it was over, she took a strong grip around my waist, tossed her right leg over the back of my legs, reached under a blanket for the paddle she had hidden there – and proceeded to set me on fire! I don’t remember how many swats I got before struggling free, but all of them hard and I felt everyone of them.

    Howling and off her lap and angry I demanded to know why she did that.
    (1) I was totally out of line with her; and
    (2) “You’re not thinking about that shitty job right now, are you?”
    No. I wasn’t. I was free; a big burden lifted from me. I don’t want that ever again, but that one time…? I think it worked.

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