The Bitter End?


I’m running out of space on this blog. My choices: end the blog, don’t post daily, start a new one, buy the name or delete some of the older photo’s. May start with the last one….so scroll through and grab what you want.

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10 Responses to The Bitter End?

  1. mike says:

    Out with the old, in with the new.

  2. Anton Pelican says:

    Well, you’ve done (and are still doing) a fantastic job of bringing us those lovely pics of the most beautiful and exciting dominant, discipline-loving girls of the Net and it’d be a real pity to shut down your blog.
    I’d suggest to delete some of the older ones, to have more space and make the mailing a weekly, eagerly awaited, sending.
    Anyway, thanks for the pleasure you brought us!

  3. Eric says:

    I would suggest that you delete some of the older month or years.

  4. twinkle3000 says:

    Stay on Andy. Delete old posts and take a break if you want. I agree with Anton.

  5. Beaver says:

    First, thank you for the work you’ve put it into the blog thus far. Secondly, in my humble opinion, while I appreciate the daily photo reel, the primary reason I visit your blog is to check if any new interviews have been posted. The interviews and commentary on pro-spankers is what seperates your blog from others in the space. You bridge the gap between your audience of spankos and the professionals they admire. If you did start a new blog, I’d recommend scrapping the daily pics, archiving the historical interviews, and narrow the focus to creating a portal to connect with professional disciplinarians in the space. You could feature a spanker or spankee of the week and release their interview q&a, photos, and travel in daily segments rather than all at once. To further seperate yourself from the other similar blogs, you could leverage your audience to continuosly improve the interview structure and content. Just my two cents. Thanks Andy!

    • Roger says:

      Must echo Beaver’s thoughts. There are other sources for pictures, but this is the best place to get the scoop on women who spank. You’re like yelp for pro spankers. Every pro I’ve ever sessioned with has been first vetted right here on “I’ll get you spanked.” What’s the count up to, six I think since last November, and looking forward to Alice Morningstar later this year when she’s in town.

  6. baxter says:

    Andy, I love your blog and look forward to it everyday. I agree with others that you should delete some of the old material so you can continue to post. I enjoy the captions, the humps, the interviews, all the different things. Please continue with this. Thank you.


  7. BLESSPORN says:

    Upload a blog dump to a filehost site. Then send the link to me! 😛
    I would be eternally grateful :>

  8. Gus says:

    Andy, what you have been doing is incredibly good–in fact, absolutely outstanding. Your sense of tasteful selection of appealing content is uncanny, and we are not distracted by any annoying scuzzy ads. You are great! I would hate to lose a single bit of the jewel you have created. Remember, many of us don’t dare download onto our computers. Personally, I love traveling back in time through your content. Why not simply start a second blog, someonesgonnagetit2? New stuff there, old stuff here. Please, please don’t throw away any of your work. I’d make that my LAST option rather than my first. And if you can’t keep up the daily pace, hey, we understand! Just keep doing what you are comfortable with. You are my favorite spanking site, by far. All of us are very grateful to you.

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