Dear Ms. Marwood – Anonymity

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Hi Ms. Marwood
Oops, I mean Dear Ms. Marwood. I’ve recently started spanking professionally. At least as a side job/hobby/activity. I’m thinking about starting a website but worried that some of my friends and co workers, at my regular job, will recognize me. I don’t know if I want to “come out” to family and friends. I think they’d view me differently. Is there anyway to stay discreet?

Dear Annie,

Haven’t we established via all the brouhaha about cyber bullying and news stories about people offering tutorials on building bombs and other terrible things on the web, that the internet can be all TOO anonymous?  You can keep yourself as private as you wish on your website. You have probably already given yourself pseudonym, right?  If you include photos, take them in a neutral location and don’t wear clothing your friends and family have seen you in regularly.  Maybe just buy a black skirt and white blouse (classic!). And don’t show your face.  You can always get a voice mailbox or a separate cell phone number for your spanking activities. You could even keep that phone in a private place and only use it when you return calls from inquiring “applicants” for your services. The websites where people promote said services all understand and appreciate their vendors’ need for privacy and respect that. You sound like a smart gal.  I’m sure you can work out ways to expose your services to your “target audience”, while not blowing your own cover.
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3 Responses to Dear Ms. Marwood – Anonymity

  1. Dave says:

    Annie, are you available for a session?

  2. OwwItHz says:

    Good advice, of course. You really need to have some pictures of yourself on your web site if you want to attract true spankos, but don’t just chop your head off. Study the photos on Ms. Marwood’s web site and you’ll get some ideas on how your web site photos can show what you do, what you do it with, and give a hint to your physical appearance without making yourself clearly identifiable. Please don’t just chop your head off in your photos. That’s just so tacky.

    One of the things that’s really important when getting into this business is to be careful that your business identity doesn’t cross over into your private and social media identies. If everyone knows you on MyFace or Twitbook as “Annie,” choose a completely different name for your spanking persona. You can, and probably should have a Facebook and Tiwtter account under that name, but make sure that it can’t be linked or easily traced to your personal e-mail address or social media accounts. That’s where curious people go to try to figure out if “that’s who she is.”

    And, Annie, when you get yourself established, tell us about yourself.

  3. Mike Roberts says:

    Depending on how much you want to “expand” your business, a web site in my opinion would be very helpful and I would encourage one with a significant amount of content as to your interest and services. As someone who has visited many professionals, their website was my first impression and the key factor in reaching out to them initially. As with the others, I would welcome more info about “Annie”

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