Dear Ms. Marwood – Post Orgasm Spanking

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I have a question for Ms Marwood using post orgasm
spanking. Specifically I am very interested in learning
whether post orgasm spanking really works as
behavior modification. I have been spanking my
husband (Jim) for almost three years. The spankings
do have an effect on him and I am spanking him hard
enough (Lexan paddle). But I find myself spanking
him often over and over again for similar
misbehavior. Maybe this is part of Domestic
discipline and I should be happy with the progress
made. But I would like to move on to a higher
behavior standard for him as well as decrease the
number of times I spank him ( now about twice a
month for punishment)I have been reading about
post orgasm spanking on several blogs and am ready
to try it. So I would really appreciate honest opinions
especially from other women about using it. Thanks


Dear Pat,

Post-orgasm spanking is no myth!

I have several Life Coaching clients whom I spank quite
intensely when they fail to meet their goals. These people
require heavy discipline. Heavier than most enthusiastic
spankos would consider recreational.  If they repeat the
same infraction, the punishment must be harsher each
time.  As you’ve noticed with your husband, at a certain
point the affects of the usual heavy discipline issued
recurrently have diminishing returns. At that point I will
employ the post-orgasm spanking. It never fails to be a
startling wake-up call!

Unless we are dealing with masochists, for whom the
pain, itself, is a turn-on and an end unto itself, most people
– men and women alike – are more able to endure higher
levels of a painful discipline because these people have the
act of discipline hard-wired to erotic pleasure or attraction.
Something about being spanked is arousing to them. In a
state of arousal certain hormones are released which are fairly
intoxicating. Even though the spanking hurts, the excitation
of the activity and the sexual tension it engenders sort of
balances out the pain effect creating a sublime
approach/avoidance loop.  Most non-masochist spankos
will tell you they don’t like the swats, but when it stops for
awhile they miss them and want more. By the end of a
spanking that builds to a very heavy corporal session they
are usually sore and weary and ready to stop, but in a week
or two the memory of that pain is completely unrelatable.
They literally have no visceral association to how difficult
their torment was to endure. In other words, at the end of his
last spanking your husband probably regretted getting into
the preceding naughty predicament and told himself he
didn’t want to repeat this kind of penance, but in a few
weeks his body can’t even pretend to relate to how much it
hurt.  Therefore, he is not incentivized anymore to behave.

In all of the cases in which I employed post-orgasm
punishment my spankos – all very high tolerance people –
reported great difficulty enduring the punishment from the
very start and could not withstand the full measure of
punishment they had previously received and tolerated
adequately and in its entirety.

Without those helpful pre-orgasmic hormones, it is MUCH
harder for someone to stay in that “zone” that the spanking
experience establishes. The encounter quickly turns to real
punishment. No more fun and games in any way.  I think if
you try it the next time you get frustrated with your
husband’s recalcitrance, and you spank him as vigorously as
you usually do, it may open a new level of respect for your

On another note, each time you discipline your husband you
should be varying the techniques and the implements. If you
spank him the same way each time it becomes less effective
over time. The element of surprise is important in corrective
discipline. Anything that is a surprise to the system and
catches someone off guard inhibits their ability to protect
themselves from the “shock” and has the effect of making it
feel more intense. So I hope you use your creativity when
punishing your husband for his shenanigans.

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3 Responses to Dear Ms. Marwood – Post Orgasm Spanking

  1. James says:

    That’s so sweet: a wife looking for advice on how to inflict more pain on her husband. What a lucky guy.

    If he wants tips on how to withstand prolonged beatings:

  2. A.J. says:

    That brain and biology connection was terrific. Very well written and explained.

  3. Albert says:

    I have regular appointments with a spanking coach to assist me in weight loss. What we both realized after the third time in a row that I did not meet my target weight goal for that week was that I actually wanted the spanking. So she did a complete turn around on my visit, and she DID NOT spank me. I still had to pay for her time, but no spanking.

    The next appointment miraculously I had dropped to two pounds below the goal she had set for me.
    She spanked me relentlessly that week, and we have been achieving positive continuous progress with each appointment since she made that change.

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