Paris, There is Still Time….Then back to America

Alice Morningstar is spanking her way across Europe and will be back home soon. I’ll post her schedule when she’s stateside. But right now, for another week anyway, you can find yourself draped over her lovely lap getting the spanking of your life.
alice morningstar 05

Was this a trip to see Europe, or a trip to spank some Europeans?

Last year I did some sight-seeing and some spanking while traveling, but this year, being in London and Paris has been primarily to spank European bottoms! I’m in Paris now and will be here until June 28th.


Have you seen any sites besides bottoms turning colors so far?

I’ve done some sight-seeing, but to be honest, I’ve never been a fan of ‘tourist attractions.’ I do enjoy exploring new cities, so my sight-seeing has mainly been of parks and shops, cafés and restaurants.

What’s been your favorite?

 In London, I absolutely adored exploring as much of the entire city as I could, as it was my first time. In Paris, I’ve been really enjoying the Boulevard Saint-Germain. It’s a popular destination but it still is decidedly French.
Have you had time to relax or is it work work work?

My table is set

Since I started spanking professionally, I’ve been very careful to always set aside time for myself, and so far I’ve been quite successful. Traveling allows me to have fun exploring new places while still giving me ample time and energy to spank. So it’s absolutely a win-win situation.
Is there a difference in spanking tastes internationally? Like how hard, which implements? Or are we pretty much all the same when it comes to being spanked?
It’s funny you mention that. Most of the British I’ve spanked can take quite the intense spanking, perhaps harder than the French, and there seems to be a British desire for marks that last, whereas the French prefer to be without any marks at all. Americans vary, though there is more of a demand for the paddle in the States. The universal spanking is by far is a hard hand spanking delivered over the knee, which, luckily for everyone, is my personal favorite.
Is this Alice Morningstar World Spanking Tour the longest trip you’ve ever taken?  You are coming back to the states soon. But you’ll still be living out of a suitcase.
Technically I’m always on tour, so I suppose yes, this is my longest trip. My tour in the US will certainly the most concentrated travel I’ve done!
How many spanking outfits did you pack?
My go-to spanking outfit is stockings and a skirt and a blouse, so with a few choice pieces, I have a variety of outfits. It does seem a shame to be in Paris and not pick up a few more pieces though.
How about implements? Do you ever worry about TSA or customs asking you why you need so many hairbrushes? Or just finding your stash of paddles, belts, etc?

Don’t let me drink alone. Come and see me.

My traveling armory is well stocked: I carry about thirty implements with me, including canes, hairbrushes, wooden spoons, paddles, leather implements and a selection of otherwise unique implements. However, I just broke a paddle while in London, and I am looking for some new pieces while I travel, so that number can and will fluctuate.
TSA puts this nice little note in your checked baggage when you fly declaring when they’ve gone through your bag. I’ve never had something confiscated, so I don’t know if there’s a separate note for that. But every time I fly, to or from or within the States, I get a nice little note. I did hold up a security line when traveling between the UK and France as the man on the baggage scanner spent a long time scanning my suitcase. Ha! If they ask me, well, I have a very handy excuse, and I doubt they really want to ask. After all, it’s rather obvious what I’m up to, don’t you think? I can always give a demonstration.
We will post a quick announcement before you arrive in your next city. What can you do for someone who says “Andy sent me”?
Well, if Andy sends them, I think a 50USD discount would suffice. That won’t compound with any other discount, mind you, but it is a good place to start. Thanks, Andy!
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