New Game Pick One

Rules are simple, you pick one of the three women to spank, but the other two get to spank you. Let me know your choices….

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4 Responses to New Game Pick One

  1. JIm says:

    I would pick picture #1 and picture # 6

  2. Scott says:

    Wait don’t i get to test all three out first? Both giving and receiving?

  3. Grady Allen says:

    Picture number 4. The one in the middle would get spanked but only because she has the smallest arms–the other two can probably spank me harder. However, it would be the ideal situation if I could do a Tom Sawyer/Becky Thatcher on the middle girl and take her spanking for her (and from her)!

  4. sub2beauuty says:

    I’d play it three times! That’s called ‘treble damages.” It’s what you get for compulsive misbehavior! 😉

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