Philly’s Own – Audrey Sugarsmak

Audrey you a spanking celebrity. I first saw you in action through Punished Brats. Was that your first introduction to spanking?

.No, I actually was introduced to spanking way back in 2004, when I trained as a Pro Domme at the Royal Castle (dungeon) in Philadelphia. I learned proper spanking technique and also how to use a variety of implements from paddles to floggers, and of course, my hand. The first spanking I received on video was a custom for Strictly Spanking with Miranda Marx, Mike Tanner and Jules. Punished Brats was the second spanking site I shot with, debuting in 2011. I started as a bratty bottom, and now star in both top and bottom roles and also behind the scenes camera work.

When did you first know you would enjoy being spanked or did you just answer an ad?
I used to test my limits with household implements , playing around with male friends when I was in my 20s, just for fun lol! I could always take more pain back then, but wound up bruised the next day. I also used to enjoy spankingduring more intimate situations. However as a kid, I hated getting spanked!

You were spanked as a child?

Yeah, I was spanked minimally as a kid, but not beaten or anything. I hated it and used to run like hell to escape the impending doom.

Who spanked you back then?

Most adults in my family gave me a little spanking if I was really disobedient, but it wasn’t often.

Most spanked kids don’t grow up liking spankings. When did it change for you?

2015-12-29 06.57.53
I started liking it when I was an adult and could control it. I didn’t do it for discipline as an adult, but as an addition to my sexual experiences!

Do you remember your first spanking?

Not really! I’ve been spanked quite a few times throughout my life, in different situations, so I can’t recall my first.

I love you as both a spanker and as a spankee. Which do you prefer?

Thank you! Depending on the top or bottom, I enjoy both roles. Some people I love spanking and others I prefer to have spank me!

I’ve known you because of your video’s you do give private sessions right? How do we meet you?

Yes, I do offer private sessions and spanking sessions are my personal favorite! You can meet me by visiting Destiny’s Chamber in Philadelphia, and I also offer some independent sessions for vetted clients. I can be reached on Fetlife as aka_AudreyS or on Twitter @AudreySugarsmak.

Are they switch sessions?

Yes, I offer switch sessions, and enjoy topping and bottoming as long as the top knows what they’re doing.

What is it about spanking that’s so deliciously fun?

I am a huge fan of spanking role plays and the fun connection between the top and bottom. I love playing the brat and getting the spanking I deserve. I also love showing a disobedient bottom that I am not one to be underestimated!

Tell us what you get out of a spanking both as a giver and receiver?

As a giver: My goal is never to spank just to cause pain. I enjoy teaching lessons if they are needed and changing behavior. I have helped people with weight loss and accountability, and other personal issues. I love feeling like I’ve made a positive change in someone’s life.

Spanking therapy. I need to explore that more.


On the fun side, I enjoy the banter and the embarrassment of baring the butt of a grown man or woman, seeing their cheeks turn bright red, then sending them to the corner by the ear hahaha!

I’m sure you have a big smile on your face at the time. Okay, how about when you are getting spanked?

 I LOVE being a brat and getting scolded on a playful or more serious level. I don’t like excrutiating pain or wooden implements, but will allow a hair brush if I haaave to lol. I like the mild humiliation of being taken over your knee like a child and the “shock” of having my panties peeled off, exposing my bare butt for more discipline. I also enjoy being placed in the corner like a little girl, even though I am a grown woman!

You seem to be having so much fun (on camera) giving spankings are you just a great actor or do you really get
into it?


Although I am a world class actress (hehehe), I cannot act like I’m having fun if I’m not! I have an extremely expressive face and body that gives me away if I am not having the time of my life. So, yes, the stuff you see is 100% authentic!

How much difference are on camera spankings to real ones? I mean how many people are at the shoot, how often does the
action cut, how hard are the spankings?

The spankings on set are all real spankings…no soft, fake mercy spankings. However, we do modify depending on the pain tolerance of the model: some have extremely high thresholds for pain, while others, like me, are not into being severely marked and severe pain. This doesn’t mean that I take light spankings, but there are certain scenes that are reserved for harder players. I rarely ever call a cut unless someone accidentally straps me in my netherlands lol! Not many models call cut, actually and most of the ones I’ve worked with can really take a good spanking.

Any great outtakes?

Oh the out takes are the best part of the shoot! I work with some of the most hilarious, smart and witty people and we do and say some priceless stuff in between scenes. Every once in a while, I’ve had to call a cut due to extreme fits of laughter.

With all of your on camera work you must be fantastic at role play? Any favorite scenes to play out?

I am an excellent role player because I am truly passionate about role play and have a superb imagination! I like new, exciting and challenging roles along with some classic ones. It depends on the creativity and ability of my partner to stay in character. I can bring most roles to life, but if my counterpart is lame, it’s no fun haha!

Take us through a on camera spanking. It is work. How long is the day? How’s it start?

Yes, it is work since I have to set my alarm and dread waking up before 11 AM (never been a morning person), have to do my hair and makeup, and pick out/pack my wardrobe for each scene. Everyone is professional, snacks and/or lunch are provided for longer shoots, and everything is done on a schedule. Scenes are set up with lighting, positioning, etc and scripts are written and emailed to us ahead of time, though we are often given creative freedom with lines.

Sounds very Hollywood. Do you spank models you don’t know? Are you super close afterwards? Do you get competitive either with who can dish it out harder or take a
harder spanking?


I have spanked and been spanked by models I do not know, but have rarely had an awkward experience. The models are screened beforehand and interviewed by phone to get an idea of their personalities and experience. We usually become buddies during the shoot and sometimes beyond. I have never been competetive with any models over dishing out or taking spankings. There are some who I admire as far as their pain tolerance or their unmarking skin, however! And, there are many spanker whose technique and severity I admire as well. I just try to beat my own records.

Do you have a favorite model to spank? Or be spanked by?

I have a few favorites on both ends for different reasons. One of my personal favorites to spank because of her amazing brat skills and her sense of humor is Adriana Evans…however, her “bionic booty” bruises my hand lol. I also had the rare and exilherating experience of paddling and strapping (the butt that broke a thousand paddles) Stefan Knight of Spanking360 which pushed my limits as a top and was also my first on screen f/m spanking.

I saw a clip of that spanking. Loved seeing you spank a man. Will we see you do more?


I do have a couple plans in the works with 360 that will involve me spanking more man butts! That is all that I will divulge at the moment shhh.

Mum’s the word. Tell me about your favorite spankers?

My favorite tops who have spanked me are 1) Veronica Bound (PunishedBrats and Destiny’s Chamber Pro Domme) because of her unparalleled scolding style and expert spanking technique, 2) Dominic King and his pony tale pulling, manly man with a heart disciplinary style. 3) David Pierson with his no nonsense paternal hand spankings that bring out the most authentic reactions from me. 4) John from AAA Spanking who I finally got to work with this year is a new favorite of mine with his skilled hand and control of severity. And last, but not least, 5) “Johnny Lake” FLA Paddler who gave me quite an erotic, yet really hard spanking that I enjoyed!

Better to be draped over a man’s or woman’s thighs?


I personally prefer a male top, though have had a few lovely, harsh female tops as well (I had to mention Veronica or she might spank me at work..just kidding).

Have you ever cried or brought real tears on camera?

I’m pretty stoic and usually get mad before crying, but yes, I have. David Pierson spanked some tears out of me in one scene during a video where I was topping…I had one bottoming scene and his hand brought me to tears! Also on the 19th stroke of a 25 stroke caning custom, I finally broke down for a minute. Also, my first spanking with Miranda Marx brought me to tears…that woman spanks HARD!!

How about off camera. You are about to give a spanking. Is there a favorite moment?

My favorite moment off screen is baring the butt of an over confident bottom and the first impact I make that makes them squirm. I start off slow and easy until I get a feel for their tolerance or level of audacity. When I see that they are not taking me too seriously, I may relentlessly spank their arrogant butt until I hear a rewarding “ow ow owww!” That’s my favorite, breaking an arrogant brat.

You spank both men and women. I’ve seen you mostly spank women (on camera). Which is more fun?

Spanking women is fun, though spanking men is more rewarding for me. It just feels more natural and they usually are more deserving of a hard spanking.

You also model, right? Tell us everything we can hire you for?

You are correct! I’ve modeled for many years and do still photo shoots as well as fetish video work. Nude shoots, mild erotica shoots (no blatant sexual shots), fetish themed shoots, lingerie, dark niche shoots, bondage, foot fetish and so many more…just ask and I’ll let you know! My rates for nudes and fetish are slightly negotiable, but usually $100/hr or a flat rate. No trade shoots for me!

How tall are you?


Tell me about your hand spanking ability?

I don’t have the heaviest hand in the business, but I can put a hurting on you. I have fairly dainty hands, so a hard muscle butt with a strong pain tolerance is my nemesis! Though, I have been told that I do a lot better than I think I do! It’s hard for me to judge since I’ve never spanked myself, you know?

Jeannine W 20150214 230-2~2
We decide to come see you. We are nervous. What should we expect?

I am nervous every time I meet a new play partner even though I do this for a living. You will meet the most down to earth, friendly, impeccably dressed woman with a great sense of humor who will make you feel right at home. We won’t just walk into a room and start a session, but will talk first to go over basic limits, rules, etc, and be prepared to answer a lot of “awkward” questions about yourself. No, you don’t really have to prepare for them, but I am quite inquisitive and try to find out the origins of your naughty little secrets. It makes it so much more fulfilling for you when I know what drives you! I love  learning about people and getting to know them a little and am happy to answer your questions about me too!

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6 Responses to Philly’s Own – Audrey Sugarsmak

  1. James says:

    Great interview!

  2. OwwItHz says:

    Nice interview. I don’t follow girl-on-girl spanking so this is a new face and hand to me. But really, if I saw you, would I really have to say “I’m sorry, Miss Sugarsmak. I won’t do it again!”? I really prefer that made-up names sound like they could be real.

  3. Tim says:

    Great girl who appears at Punished Brats a great site ,great value ,Audrey is very popular there ,best from Tim .

  4. LOVE you Audrey! GREAT interview! Keep up the amazing work!

  5. John Osborne says:

    Seriously one of THE most spankable booties out there… I can’t wait to meet Audrey again sometime! Great interview!

  6. mike says:

    i would love a spanking from miss Audrey Sugarsmack i think fun have spanking session with her she can spank me hard

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