Dear Ms. Marwood – What Happens In Vegas

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Dear Ms. Marwood

I went to a bar in Vegas where they use a big heavy paddle on patrons. I was a wee bit intoxicated and got walloped a few times. I think one of the swats landed improperly and injured my tailbone. Have you ever injured someone during a session? Getting spanked by waitresses isn’t the best idea is it?


No, Ted.  Getting spanked by waitresses isn’t a very good idea. In fact, you should always be VERY careful who you let take a paddle, strap or cane to your precious derriere!  Make sure you ask them some key questions. Such as:  how many people have to given a thorough spanking to? (not just a few swats)  And: Do you know where the safe spanking zone is? (which this waitress obviously did not!) Also, never give a random  stranger permission to whack you with a heavy paddle. Never! (That’s my advice, anyway.)  As far as whether I’ve injured anyone, to the best of my knowledge I have not. I spend a lot of time interviewing each prospective client to avoid just this type of thing.

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One Response to Dear Ms. Marwood – What Happens In Vegas

  1. Bob Edwards says:

    A bunch of us kinksters were celebrating a birthday party at a local restaurant. After dinner, we decided to paddle the birthday boy out on the patio (it was pretty late at night and we were the only ones out there). At some point, one of the Dommes in our group persuaded one of the waiters to come out and take a whack. While he was on duty.

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