A New Dawn? A Superior Update

You’ve delved deeper into the BDSM world, promote yourself and your services?


Not sure I’d say I’ve delved deeper, just carrying on doing my thing.
I have however opened my online adult store selling lingerie, bondage
& fetish toys, male & female sex toys, spanking & BDSM toys and lots
of kinky things at http://www.kinkydesires.co.uk. I also do more webcam
sessions now too.

Is it too tame now or do you still dole out spankings?


Too tame? Not at all. I very much still hand out spankings on a
regular basis! There are a lot of naughty bottoms out there in need of

I mostly see you in leather or spandex now, do you put on the domestic
clothes every once in awhile an spank like an angry mom, aunt,
neighbor or teacher?

I generally only wear leather or latex (not spandex!) for my wonderful
photo shoots. I still very much wear domestic clothes more often than
not for sessions.


So if this is something we wanted from you we could get it?
A session?

Well you can contact me via my website
http://www.superiorwoman.co.uk to discuss.

You do 2-1 sessions too, right?

Yes, although I have been so busy I have only done 1-2-1 sessions of
late! Something I’d like to change! Just super busy at the moment with
shoots, running my shop and sessions. I do miss doing double sessions
though as they’re great fun!

Do you still get the same thrill punishing a naughty bottom as you did
when you started?

Yes, I never get bored of punishing bottoms, if anything I like it
even more now.


What is the most satisfying thing about giving a spanking?

Humbling naughty bottoms! It depends on how I am spanking them too!
It’s great stress relief for me! I love getting arty with my caning
and spanking too. I like evenly punished bottoms!


Do you have a favorite implement? And why do you like it so much?

I have a few. For various reasons, the way they feel, sound of the
effect they have. I have the sole of a sandal which I just love using,
it makes a lovely sound and I love the way it feels. I also have 2
London Tanners leather paddles that are VERY effective! I also love my
ebony hairbrushes! I love my Tantus silicone paddle – it’s so stingy!!
(you can buy these via my adult store!) And of course my canes.

Are you mostly doing sessions or video work?

More sessions! I gave up with filming after the new laws came into
play, as much as I love filming it was also stressful with all the let
downs and timewasters no showing on the day etc.

I can’t remember, have you ever been spanked?

Only messing around with partners, nothing serious, it just doesn’t interest me.


What have you learned over the years about giving the best spanking possible?

I think you have to listen and communicate well with your potential
bottoms to understand what they are looking for. Building up a good
relationship over time also contributes to giving a good spanking.
Just being organised, if doing role play etc making sure you have
everything prepared for the session.
Also if you are seeing a new bottom, make sure they are relaxed, it’s
really nerve wracking for them so important to settle them before the
session starts and explain to them how things will work.

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