Dear Ms. Marwood – Video

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Dear Ms. Marwood,

I haven’t been to a pro yet. Would you be opposed to letting a client video or record sound during a session?


Dear Kevin

I’m pretty sure that a good number of professional spankers and dommes do allow their sessions to be recorded on video or audio or both.  I don’t know if they charge an additional fee for that or not. I would never allow myself to be photographed or video’d.  I am very protective about my image. People can swear up and down that they would never release it, or publish it on the internet but once you turn over an image of yourself you have lost control of that. And once something goes on the internet it’s there forever. I, personally, am a very private, discreet and select provider and I like to keep it that way.  I will say that I once allowed a client to make a voice recording of our session, but (a) he was someone I knew well, and I could trust, which was the most important thing, and (b) he was leaving the country for 3 months and begged me for something he could bring with him to remind him of my discipline… and how could I leave a boy to run amok for all that time with a few good threats?

As far as your question goes, though, there is nothing wrong with your asking a pro domme if she would allow you to record your session. As long as you ask respectfully, I don’t see why anyone should mind whatever questions you may have. If they do, you may want to think twice about visiting them.

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