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Dear Ms. Marwood,

I love the thought of spanking therapy. I’m not into spanking, okay, I’ve never been spanked, so I don’t know how’d I’d react to one. But I have a few habits I’d like to change. How many sessions do you think it takes to really affect behavior? I know you can’t give an exact answer. Maybe one that a motivated person trying to change can expect?  I’ll have to pay out of pocket. I don’t think my insurance will cover it.


Dear Will,

I assume your comment about insurance coverage for spanking therapy was tongue in cheek but I’d love to see the reaction of an insurance adjuster to a question like that!

There is no definitive answer to your question.  I have seen coaching clients fall in line after only the first spanking session, and do all their assignments perfectly. All they needed, it would seem, is to know they are accountable to someone… and that there was a harsh penalty for failure. I have seen people take several months to finally get tired of the stress of facing a stinging paddling for their stubbornness, or laziness, and they just give up fighting the program.  And I have seen people progressively improve with one of their goals, while stubbornly fighting me on another.  This usually happens when we leave longer intervals between our meetings.  One thing I will say definitively is that people who come weekly improve much sooner. People who come every 2 weeks also generally improve within a couple months. But people who only meet once a month are a mixed bag. Unless they have been in the program long enough to allow the new routine to become habit, in which case we only have to do “maintenance”,  one month is far too long between spankings.  People definitely forget the fearful sting they received in the previous visit and they rationalize slacking off.  These are some variations that may at least enable you to create some reasonable expectations if you decide to embark on a coaching program.

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One Response to Dear Ms. Marwood – Hands On Therapy

  1. Anton Pelican says:

    If I’m permitted to add my personal opinion, I’d say that spanking as a therapy can be very effective only if the spankee doesn’t like pain and fears receiving it…If, instead, the spanking is regarded as pleasure, it’ll be much more hard to find the strength of will to abandon bad habits.
    Another important factor is certainly the kind of relationship between spanker and spankee: if the woman spanker holds a kind of fascination and is admired as a person by the spankee, the psychological motivation will be much more strengthened, for the pleasure of being held in great esteem by that woman.

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