Dear Ms. Marwood – Woman Seeking Discipline

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Dear Ms. Marwood,

I haven’t read about to many women into spanking. I am! I fantasize about daily. I’d love it as foreplay. Do I ask my partner or just roll over his lap? Also, not adverse to seeing a pro. Do many women seek out spankings? I think I’m pretty rare?


Dear Ashley,

First of all, you’re not that rare.  While the preponderance of my clientele are men, I do get a surprising number of calls from women.  Not all of them decide to act on their desire, but I have had many female clients.  Women tend to resort to calling me when they have tried to find a spanking partner through social groups and social media.. They report that even though they have met nice, respectful  men to play with, there was always an undercurrent of sex, whether overtly expressed or not, that made them uncomfortable. So they came to session with me so they could enjoy their spankings without having to worry about that.

As far your BF goes, most men find it hot when a woman initiates any kind of sexually charged activity so I wouldn’t worry too much about bringing this up with him.  Unless he’s very puritanical, I think he’d be very happy to have you “just roll over his lap”.  You could announce that you’ve been a naughty girl, drop your pants and plop yourself on his lap and see what happens. If you’re really concerned about it, instead, ask if he’s ever spanked anyone before and see what he says. Then take it from there. Just remember to always respect the sensibilities of whoever you’re playing with.  If it’s not his thing, he may still be happy to accommodate you. If he cares about you he should want to do what pleases you. If he doesn’t, and living without getting your bottoms spanked is going to be too frustrating, maybe he’s not the right guy for you. Only you can figure that out.

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