Alisha makes me all a Twitter

Hi Alisha. I’ve seen you on twitter getting your bottom roasted. How old were you the first time you were spanked?
Do you mean as a child? I didn’t get spanked often as a child. As an adult, I think I was 26, or maybe 27.
alisha 6
Have you always had spanking fantasies?
Yes, since I was very young. I always got butterflies in my stomach when there was a spanking scene on TV or heard of one of my friends/classmates getting punished at home/school.  As a child I always wanted to play “schools” – even when my friends wanted to play “families”, I managed to turn it around to a roleplay where one of the kids had misbehaved and got punished LOL

Describe the best spanking you’ve ever had and what made it so special?

Hmmm, this is a difficult one as there have been so many great experiences with so many different disciplinarians. If I had to pick one, then it would be a session I did with Miss Chris during the Shadowlane party in Las Vegas about 8 years ago. She is a fantastic roleplayer and gave me one hell of an OTK spanking that I was struggling to cope with but I didn’t want it to stop.

What do you get out of the experience?
alisha desk
As a sub, it is a release for me. My alter ego (15 yr old schoolgirl) gets an outing and can live out some fantasies and hand control over to someone else.
As a disciplinarian it is having that control over someone, roleplaying and the satisfaction of dishing out punishment and seeing them enjoy it.

Is it a personal thing or are you a professional?
Both. I don’t live in the UK but do offer sessions as top/switch in London/West Yorkshire each time I return to the UK (approx every 8-12 weeks). I also offer double sessions with Strictly Miss Brown and Miss Hastings.

I’ve seen Miss Brown lay the wood to your bottom. Tell us more about her?
The stunning Strictly Miss Brown

The stunning Strictly Miss Brown

Yes I have seen Miss Brown a few times and she’s great. I was very nervous when seeing her for the first time but she put me at ease without losing her authoritarian position.

She looks so strict. Is she?
Yes, she is strict but fair. She doesn’t stand any nonsense and pushes boundaries but all within safe limits.

Tell us something about her we just wouldn’t know otherwise?
Lol – I’m not going to disclose any secrets – you will have to ask her for an interview to find that out.

Who else spanks you on a regular basis?
Ms. Hastings from the Punishment Club

Ms. Hastings from the Punishment Club

The formidable Miss Hastings in West Yorkshire. I often film with her for her Punishment Club website and it’s always fun. I have never much played with men as it just doesn’t have the same effect for me. With men it’s usually me wielding the cane ;o)

I saw a photo of you actually wielding the cane. Have you given many spankings?
Alisha cracks the whip

Alisha cracks the whip

Yes! Quite a lot actually. As I mentioned earlier, I offer mainly double sessions with Miss Brown in London or with Miss Hastings in West Yorkshire, however I do also offer 121s, mainly as top.

What’s more fun getting or giving?
This really depends on the person. I love both sides and get different things out of each.

How do we contact you?
Via Twitter is probably the best bet or email:
What’s your headspace like before a spanking? Happy, nervous, excited, scared?
In the run up to a spanking, I am excited but sometimes apprehensive. I usually roleplay so the anticipation grows as I write some scenarios for the session.
Is there an implement you detest?
Yes – the hairbrush!!! I find it so hard to take and I squirm when it is used.  Strangely enough, since I told a certain disciplinarian that it’s like a real punishment for me, she seems to brandish it even more now LOL.
A certain disciplinarian?
Not mentioning any names- Miss Brown.
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