Alice Back in the Saddle

bringing her paddle. I was a little quick to post yesterday. Without Alice’s interview. My bad…what’s she going to do, spank me?

alice BzRuvs7CcAAjND1


The Alice Morningstar Red Bottom World Tour is swinging back to the United States. Is your arm ready?
Yes! I’m eager to be back, honestly. Even though I was on vacation and still spanking ‘off the radar’, I’m generally a very active person. Hm, I may be even stronger than before I went on hiatus.
Have you been at home or away most days of this year?

I’ve been away, actually. This tour has taken me from London to the States, and I took some time while abroad to do some traveling. I don’t know that I’ve been back to my ‘home base’ for quite some time now. I hope my plants aren’t all dead!
You must love traveling?
Absolutely. It’s a small world, and especially nowadays it’s so easy to travel. It almost seems criminal to not take advantage of all the technological advancements that make traveling the world so simple. I’m also a very light traveler, with, of course, the exception of my armory.
You are “hitting” the West Coast first, with trips to Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. Has your dance card started filling out already?
alice piu1K1sao0m0o1_1280
Quite nicely. I’ll be meeting lots of newcomers, but also seeing some of my favorite people in each locale. Some of the cities I’m traveling to are the home bases of those I’ve seen in other cities, so it’ll be interesting to see how their behavior changes now that they’re on their ‘home turf.’ I do hope they remember to behave.
You should sell concert like t-shirts listing all the places you’ve performed!
You know, that’s a great idea.
You are offering my readers a $50 discount if they just say “Andy sent me”. That’s incredibly nice of you.
alice 50 bucks
I do my best; it’s a small community, so let’s all be good to one another. You know, you’ve been quite good to me as well, so why not spread the love?
This World Tour started in Europe. Did you pick up any new implements from overseas?
alice MG_0693
I have some new hairbrushes and paddles, but I also lost (ie. broke) a favorite paddle in London. My armory is always changing and shifting, and I anticipate picking up some new fun pieces as I travel. Of course, if anyone has recommendations as to good local shops, I’m all ears.
Contact Alice to check her travel plans and get your spanking:
Okay, let’s ask a few questions we may have missed. How did you end up giving spankings professionally?
Haven’t I answered this already? I think a girl should have her mysteries, don’t you? Long story short, it was recommended to me by a friend, I tried it, and it was just so much fun that I never stopped.
Certainly it’s not something you go to school for. Did it take much training? Or just put up a website?
It does take training, though you’re right: you don’t exactly go to NYU with a major in Spanking Studies. I’d say practice is a better word than training, as some things can’t be taught. I keep thinking I should open a school: “Morningstar Academy” sounds nice, doesn’t it?
Did you spank friends before you turned pro?
Isn’t that what friends are for?
Have you always been into spanking?
Yes. A lot of my earliest memories involve spanking, and I think we all have that one story…
What are your earliest memories of spanking?
There are a couple, but my favorite one is of a little Kindergarten Alice being sent home early because, for some strange reason, she thought playing ‘house’ involved spanking her make-believe children and husband for bad behavior…
Were you spanked growing up?
No; like many people, it’s not something that I experienced in as much as I thought about, and, in my case, thought about giving to others.
Are you spanked now?
Nope. I’m a pure top. I can think of the last spanking I had and it was just… not enjoyable for me. I can’t get into being spanked at all, which I was a little surprised about considering how much fun I have on the other side of the paddle! Now, before my inbox fills with a thousand hopefuls volunteering themselves and saying that I wasn’t spanked well enough or by the right person, don’t. I’m not interested in being a bottom, at all.
alice o1sao0m0o1_1280
Do you remember the first spanking you ever gave?
Professionally? Personally? In either case, that’s another memory for another day. 😉
Alright, going to let you go “on this leg” of your journey. Let’s catch up after your West Coast Swing.
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3 Responses to Alice Back in the Saddle

  1. baxter says:

    Nice paddle, strong arm, great looking lap.

  2. A.J. says:

    Actually, “Morningstar Academy” does sound nice!

  3. Mike says:

    Alice Morning star I am sure is hard spanner eve n spanked hard I would love be over her lap for spanking

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