Elena Re Visits


It’s been awhile how are you?

Relatively busy – warming rear-ends!


We just met Victoria Kay. She credits you with getting her into the business. How did you two meet?

We met years ago and are good friends. 

Did you know she’d be into spanking?

victoria kay 8DpB2jTtTBKF_600

She has the right mindset and she is open and intelligent.

So you offered her a chance to spank someone?

Basically. I had someone that taught me  the spanking basics years ago that I wanted her to try it.

And then you two did sessions together?

Yes lots. She took to it very easily. 

Have you introduced other ladies to the profession? And I need names.

Potentially there is someone else but I am not ready to share that yet. 


Darn. What advice would you give to women that would like to try this professionally?

I think the mindset has to be there or else it won’t be easy. I also think it is important to care about your clients. I am not one of those women that just cares about making a buck. They will know that you aren’t really into it and that you don’t enjoy doing it instinctively I think. So I guess I would say don’t just do it for the money. 

Are you still using spanking mostly as therapy? Or mostly just to turn some butts red?

I think mostly I just turn bums red but I have clients that really need it still.

I’m sure with whatever spanking you give you get great results?

I think so. I’ve been able to help people. 

Do many women see you?

No.I have not seen just a woman by herself.

Okay ladies here’s your chance to be the first! How about couples?

I just saw a couple but generally I have not seen too many. I think men are blessed when they find that woman that is their partner but  gives them the spanking they deserve. 

What is your favorite part about your job?

I still really like it when they react and whine. 

How about least favorite?

I don’t like people that show little or no emotion. 

Remind us where you are and how we get in touch with you?



Any last words?

I’ve learned so much from my clients. I have them to thank. (and spank) for everything.

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One Response to Elena Re Visits

  1. johnw says:

    Thank you Elena for teaching Victoria. Wish I had the opportunity to feel your technique. At least I have felt the results of your guidance. I see the same qualities in you that I know about Victoria.
    You are both intelligent, attractive and caring.

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