Dear Ms. Marwood – Spanking Therapists

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Dear Ms. Marwood

How can one train to be a spanking therapist? Just train as a regular therapist then institute spanking?


Dear Sammi,

Lots of people out there call themselves “spanking therapists”.  Personally, I don ‘t think anyone should call themselves ANY kind of a therapist unless they have therapeutic credentials.  I call myself a spanking life coach.   I have had many years of therapeutic training into human behavioral patterns, Other Than Conscious Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming  and the Enneagram. But I wouldn’t hold myself out as a therapist because I don’t have a license. My clients who are also in therapy, or have been through it, have found our work an extremely useful adjunct to their therapeutic process. In addition to problem-solving tactics and providing a structure in which they can overcome entrenched bad habits week-to-week or month-to-month, I can identify their mental and, sometimes unconscious behavioral patterns which get in the way of their releasing these old habits and exchanging them for newer, more productive ones.  I have learned these skills over years of courses and a lot of trial and error and road testing the methods.  I also have over 15 years in the trenches with spankos, so I can talk to them with great authority about the psychology of spanking and its related permutations, expressions and also their personal concerns. In that respect, I suppose I do provide a kind of therapy, but I don’t hold myself out as a therapist because I do not have a degree in therapy. So if you enjoy spanking and you  want to first train as a therapist you might enjoy success as a provider of a niche that probably does not have many competitors. Could be a great entrepreneurial idea!

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One Response to Dear Ms. Marwood – Spanking Therapists

  1. franz says:

    I think whatever practical knowledge a pro disciplinarian can bring to the table helps for providing better discipline, and official credentials can also add to the image of her as an authority figure, however the most important consideration to me is whether she understands spanking fetishes on a genuine personal level. All the training in the world is useless if she doesn’t have the spirit.

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