Meet Miss Rodriquez

You have beautifully long legs, how long have you been draping naughty bottoms over them?
Thank you for your kind comments. In the reality, it all started about three years ago but in my dreams I have been doing this far longer (hence the endless number of ideas and scenarios I have in my head).
When did you first know you liked spanking?

When I was a little girl, probably about six year old, I used to play with a friend, our neighbor’s daughter who was at the similar age. Our naughty games were highly imaginative, with a lot of role play, understandably mainly based on domestic or school situations. Due to the lack of implements (and obviously even the knowledge of them) we needed to be hugely innovative. It is amazing what two little girls can come up with…
Do you remember the first spanking you ever gave? Was it planned, spontaneous?
As mentioned above, it was a part of my play in the early childhood, so I guess spontaneous at first. I cannot even remember when we first started to plan, but it has quickly become our sweet little secret, which added even excitement to the whole thing.
When I did it as an adult, many years after, it was more planned and prepared.
And you were hooked after that?
Yes, immediately. My partner and I, we both loved it. He was quite experienced in that field and could be trusted in terms of safety, knowing the limits, etc. When we were playing, I felt as I have been waiting for that moment for a long time and suddenly everything has become clear. I was able to fully engage in it and express myself. It was an amazing moment of flow and integrity, experienced at physical, intellectual and emotional level.
What made you decide to do it professionally?
The decision has not been made (yet!). I have a successful career in a completely different sector and spanking is more like a hobby. There are days when I am tempted to become a full time mistress, but at the moment I enjoy the variety of both worlds and would not like spanking to become a job. It is something I do for fun. At the moment I keep it in my adventures drawer.
You must be good at it? What is the most important part about giving a great spanking?
Many positive things have been said and I usually get a thank you note or a little present from my clients to show their appreciation. Because I enjoy spanking naughty bottoms so much I am able to fully immerse in it. From my point of view, the connection with client is crucial – I feel lucky to have enough time and interest in people to ask questions and listen attentively. A few emails and a telephone call are usually enough to decide how successful the session is likely to be. I choose clients carefully and if I feel that we have very different expectations I am usuaaly quite honest about it and suggest seeing another Mistress.
Why do you think so many grown ups need to be spanked?
The list of reason is rather long, it just simply does them good!
What do you get out of the experience?
Quite a broad range of positive feelings – the excitement of anticipation before the session when I am getting ready, the joy of being in the role. The unique connection with another human being is also relatively high on my list as well as the ability to help people. It is incredibly rewarding to notice the great change which happens in an hour – most of my clients leave my place far more relaxed and peaceful.
Do many women come to you?
I have never spanked a woman yet, but I am seeing a couple, man and a female, from Canada next week. They both want to be spanked.. Looking forward for that – be great to observe the dynamics between  us.
And where are you? And how do we set up a session with you?
At the moment I am based in South East London, 15-20 minutes away from the city. I see the clients in the convieniently located domestic setting. Emails ( tend to work best for me, but I usually try to arrange a phone call with a new client. Many people get in touch with me through FetLife and I occasionally advertise on line.
Favorite implement and position?
There are a quite few positions I enjoy, but nothing feels better than asking client to go over my knees. In terms of the implements, I like the variety and I fully appreciate the fact that I am able to choose and surprise the partner. Occasionally, I leave some space for the suggestions. Some of implements I own were found and bought randomly, for example when shopping for new cooking utensils. Others, were carefully selected, like the antique ebony hairbrush with my initials.  Many of them were given to me as presents. I quite like the feel, smell and flexibility of leather and use a few good straps and paddles regularly.
What implement gets the most reaction? Does it bring a smile to your face?
It varies, depending on personal preferences and also cultural background. For example, came and tawse are always popular amongst Brits where the corporal punishment was not banned until 1986, or even much later in public schools. French often prefer the martinet, and the Eastern Europeans tend to respond well to the strap. Observing the reaction to the look (or sound) of the implement can be very stimulating.
Have you ever been spanked?
Of course! Would rather keep it as a secret if you do not mind.
Can you give a sound hand spanking?
Without a doubt. Hand spanking is the most accessible and natural way of dicipline. Being administrated skillfully can be far more powerful than you might think. There is something very special and unique about having a bare bottom on my lap…
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6 Responses to Meet Miss Rodriquez

  1. johnw says:

    Cannot find Miss Rodriquez on FetLife. Could use some help

  2. Terry says:

    We look forward to being the first couple that you Spank and Discipline in a couple of weeks
    T and G X

  3. mike says:

    love to be taken over her lap for good spanking bet wont be able get up untll my my naughty butt spanked good

  4. David says:

    I have been over Miss Rodriguez knee on a couple of occasions for a prolonged spanking as well as the tawse and cane, and both were a wonderful experience that I intend to repeat.

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