So You’ll Be In Dubai

Oct 7 – 15 and you need a little discipline? You are in luck. Ms. Weltsova will be there to hand deliver your punishment. Give her a shout now. Sessions are going fast.


I am Eastern European based in NY and have a panache and style that is sophisticated and to quote Mistress Review:

“A stylish black-haired beauty with an exotic accent, Mrs. Weltsova is quiet, imperious and cool, even cold upon meeting…”–Weltsova~54532.html

Regarding compatible BDSM interests: as I advise on my Sessions page: “If unsure always ask, do not assume anything”

CP specialties:
Light to judicial (and all in between) Canes, French Martinet, Scottish tawse, belts, straps and whips (single tail), face slapping.
Punishment scenes.
Role play.

Humiliation. Objectification-human furniture, slave position training

Torture: CBT/ NT. Sensory deprivation. Mild bondage and restraints.

Transformation/ Petticoating. Maid and house serving. 

Fetishes: Foot/ heel worship. Nylons, pantyhose. Leather, latex, silk. Corsets.

Slavery: Power exchange. Tied and Teased. Orgasm control.

All bookings require advance deposit as a form of confirmation. 

Email your enquiries as early as possible at

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3 Responses to So You’ll Be In Dubai

  1. Richard Williams says:

    Nice lline of books

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  3. danny says:

    Mrs. Weltsova, hope Your trip goes well and i’ll look forward to Your return trip to dc, hopefully soon!

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