Identity Fraud – This is Scary

I received this note from our own Ms. Marwood and it’s disturbing:


This so-called “elite” spankologist in Tampa has stolen literally ALL of her advertising content from MY website. The introduction copy under “About”  is MINE from MY introduction page. And ALL the photos except one are stolen from my page.  The one that isn’t mine is from Miss Georgia Cane’s website.  (I contacted her).
Is there anyway you could post a short “Buyer Beware” blurb, or short article, on your site.  I would be happy to help you write it.  I think people like this should be OUTED.  They should not think they can help themselves to other people’s hard work so that THEY can make money off it.  Write your own ad copy, you lazy you lazy B-word!  That’s what I say!  And don’t pretend that when someone comes to your door they will be finding ME on the other side.  How does THAT work?!
How much can she care about her clients and the creative quality of her sessions if she can’t even work up the energy to create her own website and has to steal it from other, more conscientious and competent professionals?!


And since I have the best and smartest readers out there I pose these questions: What should she do about this? What can she do to protect herself and her name? And for us seeking spankings, how can we prove the person we are setting up an appointment with is the one representing themself? This is crazy…..

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11 Responses to Identity Fraud – This is Scary

  1. sub2beauuty says:

    I sent Ms. “Lana” the following contact section note:

    “You have plagiarized another woman’s site. You really should do your own work. When you copy another woman’s work, you leave me wondering if you know anything about the craft I would engage you to do together… This is not a good thing my friend… :(”

    At the very least, ‘whoever’ will know they have been discovered. A few others might post the same thing or it’s equivalent and they will at least have an incentive to exercise their own creative talents on their own site…

    If no response, then we can escalate the pressure…


  2. Mark says:

    Yikes!! Something odd about this. Could be just a case of lazily “borrowing” content but if you can make a site like that you should also be able to come up with your own text fairly easily at least.
    Unless you don’t speak English and your Russian pimp just set up the site to lure in clients and steal their information or blackmail them.

  3. twinkle3000 and Ann says:

    This is precisely why we stopped our blog/website. There are Vultures out there. – Ann

  4. All responsible bloggers, Andy included, despise plagiarism, and want to help identify and defeat it. It is a sad commentary that an “elite spankologist” cannot post a better representation of her skills. Or, perhaps she has posted a precision representation?

    The original text and photos plagiarized from Ms. Marwood and Ms. Cane were quickly removed. However, it was obvious that the replacement text was also copied verbatim from 4 or 5 other disciplinarians. They have been advised, and several have written to Lana Kaine with varying degrees of success as of now. Much of the plagiarized material from the second round remains.

    The original photos have been removed and replaced with other, quite generic material that generally does not address spanking directly.

    There are threads on Max Fisch ( and FetLife ( that discuss this issue.

  5. Grady Allen says:

    Unfortunately this kind of thing happens way too often. There are two disciplinarians listed under the “I’ll Get You Spanked” section on Andy’s website. One of them stole the other’s website almost word for word. The original has changed her website somewhat so it isn’t quite so obvious, but Google has archived websites and it is quite obvious someone was lazy and stole another disciplinarian’s work. I’m not going to name any names, but it should be pretty obvious who to shun after a little research. I know she will NEVER get any more business from me!

    • someonesandy says:

      Name names. Let’s get rid of the frauds. I’ll remove them.

      • Grady Allen says:

        I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. The original disciplinarian is 100% sure her website was stolen. After seeing the Google evidence I am 99% sure her website was stolen. However, I keep going back to the 100 monkeys, 100 typewriters, 100 years = a Shakespeare play scenario and wonder if it is possible that both websites were done independently. I would hate to level such a serious charge against someone if it’s not true. Let me sleep on it or see if the original disciplinarian is willing to chime in.

  6. I, too, had to address plagiarism with Ms. Kaine. She had clearly stolen wording from my Cane-iac bio. I emailed her yesterday, making it clear that I expected her to make changes. I never did receive any email reply from her, like others have, but I did look at her site and she’s made sufficient changes to my words, and omitted others, so it is no longer plagiarized. I find her laziness and blatant thievery despicable and far from anything a truly “elite” Disciplinarian would ever remotely consider. Shame on her.

  7. Barney Fife says:

    About 18 months ago I saw the St Petersburg copycat and was dismayed to find her quite different than her website lead me to believe she would be. On top of the misleading advertising, she talked way too much about things no client should ever have to suffer through. It does hurt the industry, because having wasted my time and money with her, it’s one less time I can indulge my proclivity to visit disciplinarians with integrity such as Alice Morningstar or Elena Rochelle, and others here I have yet to discover that are capable of making a session or sessions memorable.

  8. mitchphilbin says:

    @BarneyFife – much of the plagiarized language and virtually all of the stolen photographs were from Harriet Marwood’s site. She is a quality NYC-based disciplinarian who should also, IMO, be on your got to see list.

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