Dear Ms. Marwood – Spanked to Tears

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Dear Ms. Marwood,
Do you get tears from any of your spankee’s? I only ask because my husband thinks it would be a great release if I could get him to bawl like a child. I can’t. I swear I’ve worn out my arm, a belt, and a brush on his bare bottom. Bruises yes, blisters yes, yelps certainly; but no tears. Is it an emotional thing? Is he not letting go? Or am I just not a proficient spanker?

Dear Evie,

I’ve addressed this before in different contexts.  Being spanked to tears is a common desire. I’ve gotten many requests for it. It seems wonderful in theory but as I have said many times, most men are very emotionally defended and are not able to simply open themselves to being vulnerable on cue. Some people refer to the point at which someone starts to cry in a spanking as “being broken”.  The experience somehow wears them down to a point where their defenses cannot hold and the emotional core breaks open. This is not a purely physical experience. You can’t get your husband to that point by wearing out your arm whacking away at him. You need to be able to incorporate your emotional and psychological connection with your husband. Men can withstand a lot of physical pain. That is usually not enough to make them cry.

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