Dear Ms. Marwood – Too Old To Spank?

marwood headerDear Ms. Marwood,

I found your column while searching for spanking advice. Maybe you aren’t the right person to ask since I know it probably goes against all your business applications, but is there an age when you are too old to be spanked? And what age do you think that is? I have a niece,16, who still is spanked for infractions. Other punishments are used too, like grounding, taking away phone and computer, etc. But she still earns a tail reddening from my sister at least once a month. Is she too old for this? And do you think it can still truly be effective once a person can reason?

Aunt B

Dear Aunt B,

I don’t think there is a definitive answer to your question. Corporal discipline for children is not at all in fashion currently. There is a lot of controversy and judgment around it. I didn’t spank my child growing up, but I am not particularly against it since I have met so many lovely adults who grew up with CP and felt that it was beneficial in their case. Since I have spanked people as old as 90 years of age I haven’t found an age too old for a good spanking, but this is not what you’re asking. I guess the best answer is that you have to leave it up to her mother’s best judgment.  I’m sure your sister loves her daughter and disciplines her for her own good. If she feels that a spanking works as a deterrent for future bad behavior she may continue to use it until her daughter reaches legal adulthood, who knows?  As long there is no physical or emotional abuse going on, I believe this should be considered a family matter. If you have reasons for concern, however, there is nothing wrong with broaching your concern or curiosity with your sister and having an open discussion of the subject. Perhaps your niece should be included in this as well?

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One Response to Dear Ms. Marwood – Too Old To Spank?

  1. franzcoughka says:

    Excellent advice. Responsible and well reasoned, and though I was one of those spanked growing up, spanking a 16-year-old in this day and age is a parental strategy I’m not comfortable with.

    A disciplinarian must be thoughtful and reasonable. Being punished by someone who lacks those qualities would not work for me. Everything hinges on trust and respect, and I would feel in good hands with Ms. Marwood.

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