Strict Julie – Paddled?

One of my first and oldest blogger friends is going to taste the paddle. And the good folks at Consensual Spanking (Red) may document the event. How could I not pass on the note I received from Jules?


Hi Fellow Spanko’s!

I have a fun favour to ask…

I have a little series of blog posts going on where I’ve set myself up for a paddling. There seems to be tremendous interest in “Strict Julie” finally getting her comeuppance. My pagehits and comments are off the charts!

Red over at Consensual Spanking posted a link to my series (in his post and got me going on this idea.

Was wondering if we could try to “break the spanko Internet” (I mean, if a pic of Kim Kardashian’s butt can break the regular Internet, and she’s not even getting paddled like me!). I’m aiming for my 5M page hits  and am at striking distance at 4.9M!!! (I don’t know why that’s important!)

My readers have taken particular delight in teasing and tormenting me over my upcoming paddling, which teasing I am enjoying tremendously, responding as a proper subby should.

I’ll post another blog article with back links to all your posts and we can get some cross-fertilization going on.

Also, if you are so inclined, please pass the message on to other spanko bloggers you might have a relationship with.

Such an exhibitionist!!!

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3 Responses to Strict Julie – Paddled?

  1. Julie Strict says:

    Oh! There’s my butt again!
    And this time “outed” for the attention seeking whore I am!
    Well, it’s working… Now EVERYBODY will know about my paddling, and get to see and study the aftermath up close…

  2. franzcoughka says:

    I think Strict Julie deserves a good, sound paddling for all this attention seeking. I like her a lot, so does it make sense that I will thoroughly relish her bare-bottomed comeuppance?

  3. mike says:

    JUlie is very sweet friendly young lady iam feeling bad her butt going get the spanking of it life over her friend tracy lap but soon Miss JUlie be back top mode spanking all naughty boys can count on that

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