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I recently had the chance to interview Maggie from LSF Publications …

Celebrating the Diversity of Spanking Fiction


Hi Maggie tell us more about you and your company.

My partner and I have been involved with the spanking community for a great many years and have been involved in a number of online activities and websites. About four years ago we entered the world of publishing and have produced a diverse range of spanking fiction e-books, including Femdom, westerns, domestic discipline, ageplay, romance, and many other genres within the spanking and BDSM arena.


We have established a solid presence during the four years we have been operating, and maintain excellent working relationships with our authors, providing them with their sales data which is updated throughout the day, every day.

I’m sure they appreciate the transparency. Your cover art is amazing too.

We also interact with a number of pro-dommes and leading figures in the fetish industry. Many of  the models who grace the covers of our Femdom titles will no doubt be recognisable and these include:  Miss Jessica, Mistress Lola, Mistress Eleise, Mistress Morrigan Hel, Mistress Eve, Lady Nina Birch, Mistress Alex, Miss Stevie Rose, Mistress Sarah Jessica, Mistress Domatella, Governess Elizabeth, Mistress Elena De Luca, Goddess Lana, Clare Fonda, Miss Amy Hunter, Ms Nikki and others. In addition, we have forthcoming books which will feature Mistress Dawn Superior and Miss Granger.


How many titles have you guys published?

Hmm, over the last four years we have published over 750 e-books which have featured over 4,200 stories. These include novels, novellas, compilations, anthologies, box sets and shorts. In addition, we publish a couple of what we’ve termed journals that feature a selection of stories in a common format released on a regular basis. One of these is called The Spanking Digest and we’ve just released the tenth issue of that this October.

Are these e readers?
We provide all our publications in 3 different formats as standard:

epub: (for Nook, iPad etc)
mobi: (for Kindle)
pdf: (for reading on PC’s, laptops etc)

We can also provide a range of other electronic formats on request.

About how many pages are each book?

Miss Jessica album cover?

Miss Jessica album cover?

Although we do make our e-books available in the pdf format which has actual page numbers, for mobi and epub formats, which are typically viewed on e-readers, page numbers tend to be less meaningful as the text effectively ‘flows’ rather than being structured in pages.

That sounds great. I’m a paper book reader.

Whether viewed as page numbers or by word count the size of our publications varies greatly. We have published a fair number of quick read novellas and compilations of around 100 pages, but we’ve also published much longer works too.

Currently, our longest work is a spanking fantasy epic entitled Magic by DJ Black, which has 1,106 pages according to Amazon’s normalised page count and almost 214,000 words!

Other sizeable publications include The Girls of Cropton Hall by Stanlegh Meresith, a story set in a girl’s boarding school with a normalised page count of 1,015 pages and a little over 195,000 words.

We also publish a number of  box sets  that feature multiple volumes such as the Women who Spank Men series and The Female Disciplinarian by Adrian Caine and those often have word counts in excess of 100,000 words.


How much do the books cost?

Our books range in price from as little as $0.99 to a maximum price of $9.99 with many being around the $2.99 mark. Pricing depends on a number of factors including but not limited to the length of the work. We like to think that all our works are reasonably priced, but people who buy the box sets and omnibus editions always get a particularly good deal.

How do we see your catalog and order?

All our publications can be viewed and ordered via our website at http://www.lsfpublications.com/ which also has direct links to all the various Amazon workplaces for each book. Those specifically interested in Femdom titles can use the alternative URL: http://femdom.lsfpublications.com/.

Ah, you know where my heart lies. haha. What are your most popular Femdom titles?


The majority of our Femdom titles tend to feature stories of the domestic rather than BDSM variety. Many of these are popular but a few that deserve special mention are:

The Disciplined Husband by Lucy Appleby.  Peter’s life is transformed by Sylvia,  a naturally dominant woman who becomes his wife and gives him the discipline and sex he craves.

Taking Henry in Hand by Charles Pangbourne. When Henry attends a party at a frat house, he meets Barbara and embarks on a female-led relationship with plenty of spankings.

Spanking Stories for Misbehaving Men by Lucy Appleby. This is an omnibus publication featuring 38 short stories taken from the first two volumes of The Bad Boy Story Book.

Women who Spank Men is an ongoing series of books each featuring a compilation of short stories and representing a large number of different authors. The most recently published volume is No. 16 which features the inimitable Miss Jessica on the cover in one of her alluring outfits.

Is the market over-saturated with writers?

It sure is, particularly in our kink niche. Amazon is flooded every month with around 140,000 new ebooks (in all genres, not just spanking/kink). Although many of the previous barriers to getting published have been removed these days – which can only be a good thing – there is also a downside  in that you tend to find a proportion of published works are of dubious quality with little or no editing/proofreading and what might be termed ‘do-it-yourself’ covers. Another downside is that some self-published authors are so desperate to be read that they make their books available for free. This is a noble sentiment in some respects but contributes in part to a number of small publishing houses going bust. Having said that, we have been very lucky to work with some talented writers and we always welcome new authors.

What’s the average number of book sales?

Typically, it varies from a few dozen to a few thousand. We tend to do particularly well with Femdom, ageplay, and western romance titles.

Say I pen the hottest spanking novel in your collection… 50 Shades of Red … Run me through the whole process. We write a book, send it to you, then what happens?

Well, we’d typically acknowledge receipt of your submission on the day that we received it. During the next few days we’d read it and decide if it’s something we’d like to publish. Assuming that we’d like to go ahead we’d then write back to you and get you to look over our publishing agreement. There are some publishers whose contracts are extremely one-sided and place a whole host of restrictions upon their authors but we have one that is largely author-centric and not at all onerous. I think in the past publishers could get away with this kind of thing but these days many authors are a little better informed and hopefully avoid such publishers.

Writer's wanted

Writer’s wanted

So it’s a fair deal. Continue….

Assuming that you were happy and had electronically signed the publishing agreement we’d add your book to our publishing schedule. The actual publishing process includes numerous aspects of work including the provision of advice on the content of the book, editing and formatting, cover design, titling, metadata, pricing and general advice in regards to marketing.

At the time of publication we submit the work to Amazon and also make it available on our own site where we offer a selection of electronic formats and a ‘Look Inside’ facility similar to Amazons.

Sounds simple.

Authors are provided with daily updates of sales figures which include both monthly and yearly totals. We pay royalties on a quarterly basis.

We are usually extremely fast in terms of getting works published and for new authors we typically aim to publish works within a month from receipt of their manuscript.

We are always on the look out for new authors and new submissions and should be initially approached via the Contact Us form on our web site.

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  1. baxter says:

    Interesting. I never really thought that there was a fetish industry, but yeah, there certainly is.

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