Dear Ms. Marwood – Gotta Love It?

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Dear Ms. Marwood,

Do you have to love spanking to do it professionally? What percentage of the professional women offering services like yours are really into spanking v. it’s a pretty easy way to make some good money? Do you think they last as long?

Dear Alan,

I think when you love what you do you have more to give to it on a variety of levels and it will be felt by the recipients of your services. That applies to spanking professionals as much as anything, but, practically speaking, I don’t know if you have love spanking in order to be a good professional spanker, as long as you’re invested in providing your clients with the kind of spanking experiences they wish and hope for. If you are perceptive and you care about people and are willing to do your research, you can probably learn enough about the psychology and techniques to enable yourself to understand what is being asked of you. I know for a fact that there are plenty of ladies who hold themselves out as spanking experts who neither care about clients nor understand the psychodynamics of a good spanking session, so apparently anyone CAN become a pro. As far as it being a “pretty easy way to make some good money”… it may look that way from the outside but being a pro spanker is no walk in the park. Yes, you get to have fun doing what you enjoy, but there are advertising expenses, sometimes space rental, and then there is the time you should be taking screening and interviewing clients before you meet, learning about their interests — and also qualifying “applicants”, to ensure your safety. And let’s not forget the fair share of goofballs and wankers one inevitably encounters who make your life more challenging. I don’t know of any EASY ways to make good money.

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3 Responses to Dear Ms. Marwood – Gotta Love It?

  1. James says:

    You can really tell the difference between someone who gets the psychology of spanking and is thorough and dedicated versus the women who buy a couple of paddles and hold themselves out as a pro. Unfortunately, there are probably fewer than 30 women in the US who are at the level of Ms. Marwood. I wish there were many more qualified women like her because outside of NYC and a few other places like Phoenix or LA, if you are lucky, there may be one or two high caliber female disciplinarians, which makes this a very frustrating activity to be in to.

  2. franzcoughka says:

    The idea of a professional disciplinarian is actually more attractive to me than a discipline relationship with a spouse or significant other. Choosing to be a pro disciplinarian, putting oneself in a position of authority, and treating it as a serious business, is a large part of the appeal. A reservation I have with it, though, is that the motivation behind it is much more about money than pleasure or other personal satisfaction. I look for evidence that the spanking professional has a genuine attraction to what she does. It should be something she is involved in personally as well as professionally. There is more to this scene than knowledge of psychology, technique, and the straightforward pragmatism of discipline. Let’s not forget enthusiasm. I hope that a pro is not such a great actor that she can fake being a spanko.

    • James says:

      Great points. The ones I’ve seen have been genuine spankos. It seems like it would be awfully hard to fake it, but I agree that is important.

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