Victoria Kay Loves Sand and Spanking

Venice Beach. Already one of the world’s most famous has more attention brought to it December 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th. That’s when Victoria Kay is lending lap and paddle to all those in need.



Let her know Andy sent ya. She wants to know….might spank harder!

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5 Responses to Victoria Kay Loves Sand and Spanking

  1. Michael says:

    Gorgeous looking.

  2. A.J. says:

    I met with Victoria back in August. She’s beautiful and knows her stuff. But most of all, for those in So. Cal who will meet with her, you will like her, as a person – a lot.

  3. mike says:

    i want spanking and be spanked and paddle by her i know she can give me spanking i need iam sure she friendly as well Andy i will tell her you need spankin but i can tell her spank you just as hard she does to me

  4. sam says:

    Miss Victoria is fantastically beautiful, and a wickedly nice person as well.

  5. Mick says:

    The best session ever. Miss Victoria is incredibly beautiful and intelligent person and when it comes to discipline and actual spanking, you really start to appreciate her talents. This was our first session and I can’t wait to see her again. Even few days past since our session, I can still feel the stinging pain from her cane every time I try to sit down on a chair. Amazing person, thank you!!

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