Dear Ms. Marwood – Real?

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Dear Ms. Marwood,

I saw you were hacked, copied, plagiarized by another woman claiming to be a disciplinarian. That really sucks. And you must feel violated? But I’m wondering, as someone looking to get spanked, how do we know the person we are contacting is the same person being represented in their ads? Do you have any advice when meeting professionals?


Dear Pete,

You’re right. You have to do your due diligence when booking with a domme for the first time. Your safest bet is to find someone well-established, if you can. Someone who’s been around for 10 years or more is going to be well known enough that you can go on one of the popular Spanking or BDSM chat boards or social media websites and ask for reviews by foiks who have met her. That is the best way assure yourself your money won’t be wasted.

Be careful where you look for dommes. For example, if find someone on The Eros Guide or or others of their caliber, you’re pretty safe. The ladies there are legit. They spend good money to advertise because these are well-established sites run by reputable business people. On the other hand, a space like is a free-for-all clearing house for anyone and anything who think they can grab a fast buck. There are some legitimate providers there, too, but the vast preponderance are dubious people, escort services, and as the news has recently informed us, a breeding ground for child sex traffickers. If you do contact someone you find on Backpage you should check them out very carefully. They can seem credible but that’s because I, many other reputable dommes, have had their photos and website content stolen from such people.

Something you might try is: ask if a provider can send you a photo that is NOT posted on her ad or website. A reputable professional should have additional photos and they should look like the person on the web/ad photos.

And sometimes you can clearly tell, by speaking by phone, if she sounds like the person who wrote the text on her webpage. If it’s well-written and you hear a person with a foreign accent who speaks English poorly, for example, you should be suspicious. Moreover, anyone who is unwilling to spend a bit of time with you on the phone is not someone you want to do business with. You’re investing your time and money and are justified to know who you’re going to be doing that with. Just be sure to respect her time and don’t think, because she was so friendly and nice that you should be able to call her 2 or 3 times before you’ve given her your business. One good chat and some web research is enough for you to settle your concerns.

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