Dear Ms. Marwood – Pregnancy

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Dear Ms. Marwood,

Let’s talk pregnancy and spanking. More specifically, is it safe to be spanked during it? I’m in my first trimester so it isn’t a big deal. My husband spanks me often and we want to know if we’ll have to slow down or stop until after the birth? Or can you suggest new positions or techniques to work around the growing belly and sweet child inside?

Thanks. Love the advice.


Dear Mom,

I am not a doctor and I cannot  speak to the safety of spanking play during pregnancy. The only thing I can offer is suggestions for positions where you are not lying on your belly.  I’d consult your OBGYN to be certain they are safe. Remember, you have doctor-patient confidentiality. They can’t by law tell anyone what consenting adults do for fun.

Here are a few ideas:
Lying on your side in a modified fetal position; the diaper position, which is on your back with your legs in the air; or standing, with hands bracing against a wall or on the back of a chair for support.  Just remember, safety first!

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2 Responses to Dear Ms. Marwood – Pregnancy

  1. Anton Pelican says:

    I’m not a doctor, either, but if this loving couple practice actual spanking (I mean with hands, paddles or other stiff implements, that being “thuddy” cause the blow to resonate inside the body) I’d advice to switch to more “stingy”, but superficial implements, like cats, martinets or a very thin, swishy cane, etc, so that only the skin is involved. There’ll be marks, of course, but at least the risk of causing damage to the child will be lessened.

  2. I have to talk about that to my doctor too when I get pregnant 😀

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