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Dear Ms. Marwood,

I was comparing post-spankings pics with a fellow spankee, and I noticed sometimes one can be purple and bruised 24 hours after a spanking, while other bottoms are rosy red. I either bruise or show no effects from the previous days play. Why is that? How long do the marks usually last? Also, I’ve started giving spankings, how is one able to deliver an effective spanking so that no bruises will be left afterwards? (For people who can’t go home with marks)

-Bruised Spankee

Dear Bruised,

There are no hard and fast answers to your question about bruising. It’s impossible to predict, definitively, what the after effects of any spanking will be on any bottom. Here are some things I can tell you. Different people’s derrieres react differently to spankings. You can’t know before spanking someone exactly how susceptible they are to bruising. Of course, if you start spanking someone with your hand and you start to see red marks that stay, it’s likely that person marks more easily than most and you have to slow down.

The same person’s hiney can react very differently to the same kind of spanking on a different day. You can’t assume that because you were spanked hard one day and went home with nothing more than a rosey red glow, that the next time will be the same. Your spanker needs to pay attention as things progress and tailor the spanking to the condition of your skin. If traces of marks look like they’re trying to blossom, back off the wood implements, lighten up on the force, deliver fewer strokes, and don’t spank over and over on the same spot.

Now, here’s what you probably are really asking:  It is true that with a proper warm-up the possibility of bruising is greatly diminished. A nice long OTK hand spanking to bring blood to the surface before you get more “enthusiastic” should help a lot. The warm-up is probably sufficient when the rear end is pretty red all over, and the surface skin is starting to feel a tiny bit harder than normal. Once you move to the next phase, progress slowly and watch what the cheeks look like. Any experienced spanker should be able to see when they are approaching a point where bruising is likely. That’s another part of the equation: how sure are you of the people to whom you entrust your pristine bottom?  Someone who doesn’t know you, and/or doesn’t know spanking, could easily bruise you if they use the wrong implement at the wrong time in the progression, or spank the same spot often, etc.  There’s one trick that can mitigate bruises most of the time and that’s ice.  If the bottom gets tender and very red, if you apply ice to it for a minute, it contracts the blood vessels and can often prolong a spanking that could start bruise without it. The extra added bonus with using ice is that a spanking applied to a wet or moist bottom STINGS like a mother. You don’t have to smack as hard to produce a very stinging effect, which enables you to administer a  lighter spanking with a big effect. That is helpful if the behind is reaching the bruising threshold.

None of these things are foolproof, and as I said, anyone’s bottom can react atypically on any random day so, if you are concerned about bruising, you’d better be careful who you let spank you. They need to know—and care about—what they’re doing.

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One Response to Dear Ms. Marwood – Marks!

  1. anon says:

    Spanking is an art! An experienced dom can give a very painful spanking, that causes redness, but little to no bruising. Others will even break the skin in order to reach the same level of pain.

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