Dear Ms. Marwood – Wet Spanking

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Dear Ms. Marwood,

A bunch of us were talking about spankings we received when we were kids at a wine party. One woman said she remembers her mom came in to the bathroom while she was about 7 and taking a bath. Her mom came in all dressed up. She thought she was being playful and splashed her mom’s silk dress. Mom left the room, came back in just a slip and a plastic bath  brush with no bristles.  Her spanking brush. My friend was out of the bath and drying off when she saw the implement. She grabbed it from mom’s hand and tossed it into the still full bath. Mom fished it out, dragged her over knee and laid the first swat on her. She said she felt water spray from the holes and the sound and impact was magnified because of the water. Her mom noticed the difference too. And even dipped the brush into the water during to the spanking to increase the sting. Have you ever heard of this? Of water increasing the pain of a spanking? Have you ever tried it? Will you try it now?


Dear Fran,

Yes.  A spanking absolutely stings more on a wet bare bottom. Especially, as you observed, something like a wet plastic bath brush is applied to said bottom. Those things are a menace!

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One Response to Dear Ms. Marwood – Wet Spanking

  1. Mike Roberts says:

    I can certainly confirm that a wet or damp bottom increases the sting of a spanking. As a child, I received a few spankings after swimming or out of the tub as well and they stung like the dickens. In addition, I had an Aunt who would actually wet the bottom before spanking, either with baby oil or water- I think she might have been a spanko in retrospect but her spankings were awful!

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