Strict Jane Missing?

She’s not even a blip on my radar anymore. I hope she isn’t retired or that I never hear from her again. Jane if you still read this blog, write me. You are still, and will always be – my first!



If anyone else has any info please email me or leave it in the comment section.

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14 Responses to Strict Jane Missing?

  1. Mike says:

    Have you checked her web site?
    Apparently she’s decided to travel less in 2017 and has found a place in New York.

    • Frank says:

      Strict Jane isnt Alice

      • Mike says:

        Oh, my! I’m sorry. Must have been a brain fart when I saw that photo, which is very much like one of Alice Morningstar’s stock photos.

        Andy’s right..Her booking web page doesn’t even work any more. Strict Jane does seem to have disappeared. It happens.

    • Frank says:

      No probleM! But I booked you an appointment across Mrs alice lap to fix that mistake of yours.

  2. tofer says:

    Possible her visa finally expired and she has returned to Australia

  3. James says:

    I visited Alice Morningstar and emailed Strict Jane and she responded and gave me permission to use her as a reference. This took place last Oct.

  4. someonesandy says:

    I don’t know Jane’s backstory, but she really is an excellent spanker and person. If I’ve been duped, and I don’t think I have been, I’ll need way more proof. I think Jane will be back, paddle in hand. And I’m sure she’d like to “talk” with you.

  5. bad boy says:

    She is in Australia. Go to backpage australia and you will find her. She has ads up every couple months. She actually may be in Canada late winter for sking.

  6. Thrash_me says:

    Jane posted an advert on backpage in Australia today (quick Google search will find it). So it appears she is still actively working as a spanking Domme (unless it is someone pretending to be her).

  7. bad boy says:

    Jane could have issues travelling to the usa. Lots of people do.. I think Miss Jennifer had issues a couple years ago on her trip to Canada. I saw Jane twice in Canada and she was amazing.
    I hear she like to ski Whistler. She may make it back in 2017. i will let you all know!

    • Grady Allen says:

      Miss Jennifer was denied entry into Canada because of her reckless driving conviction and failure to appear in court for the same charge–check it out at the Virginia DMV website if you don’t believe me. I can’t imagine Strict Jane would have those same troubles–she was so sweet, honest and professional when I emailed her a few years ago.

      • Bad Boy says:

        Actually Miss Jennifer was not denied entry. She visited Vancouver(in Richmond at Marriot Hotel) and was harassed by Canadian Border services. to my knowledge she has not returned. Jane will be in Canada in late April 2017.

  8. mike says:

    thought she was in calforina or something anybody know where disciplairn Juliett is

  9. Thrash_me says:

    Disciplinarian Juliett is now listed under ‘Florida’ on the ‘’ site.
    She has a profile on Fetlife (you need to be a member).
    I believe that Juliett is friends with StrictJane, so I guess she might know what Jane is up to.

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