Jane’s Back!

I was hoping Jane would magically see the post from last week and contact me. She has! And responded.



Dear Andy,

I was just looking for something on the internet when I came across your blog once more. Just in time too, to see that I’m not even a blip on the radar! My goodness, I have been hiding away too long, haven’t I? Please reassure everyone that my head and my swinging arm are very much into spankings, as always. I’ve been busy with other things but this year I will be making the rounds over there and catching up with lots of naughty bottoms.
Yes, my website is a bit of a dinosaur, albeit a classic one, and I’ll do something about it eventually, too, especially if it isn’t working. At present, my inbox isn’t letting in new emails, which I hope to fix in a week when I spend time with my IT helper. (So don’t try to reply too soon as it might not get to me).
I know you are always looking out for me and I really appreciate it, Andy. I’m glad you are well and keeping the blog alive. There will always be room over my knees for your naughty bottom. I will give you more of an idea of movements when I know them myself and am set up for new emails and bookings.


With warm regards,
Accountability Hurts!
I can confirm her email isn’t up and running yet. Had two notes comeback with “Failure to Deliver” on them. Hm Jane, there is a thing called Accountability maybe you need a little taste of your own medicine? Readers?
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2 Responses to Jane’s Back!

  1. mike says:

    welcome back miss Strict Jane hope life get easier for you and some room for me over your lap for long hard desvering spankings i been naughty boy too long

  2. Ethan P. Chance aka incorrigible60 says:

    Strict Jane administered a disciplinary spanking to me some years ago in Los Angeles. She is all one could hope – compassionate, perceptive, wise, and admirably severe. The experience was all an incorrigible old fellow could hope.

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