Dear Ms. Marwood – Browser History Exposed

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Dear Ms. Marwood

I came across Andy’s site while reviewing the history on my husbands computer. I was shocked to discover that he is regularly looking at many websites where women are spanking men. I was totally unaware that men would find it kinky for women to spank them. I am hurt that he would have an interest in something like this without telling me about it. After digging into the world of F/M spanking, I feel that the best way to punish him would be to give him a regular dose of what he truly desires. But I want to make sure that his first spanking is a true discipline spanking and not some kinky pleasure for him. Would you have any input as to how to go about introducing him to regular punishment.


Dear Melissa,

People ask me specific and personal advice like this all the time. Unfortunately, I can’t really give you a prescription for orchestrating the perfect punishment session for your hubby. It depends on so very many factors. The main one being your husband’s sensibilities.  You may want to read my articles on the website called The Joy of OTK, parts 1 and 2. It might give you some ideas. The main thing I would offer to delineate between some sexy spanking fun and real discipline is that your attitude is going to rule day. If you are genuinely annoyed or angry that hubby didn’t try to include you in his secret desires, bring that emotion into the spanking. Scold him. Tell him why it was unacceptable. Be stern, not cute or tentative or embarrassed.  Trust me, once you lay into him, as a spanko, he will get very excited. If you stay with it he will get on board. You just have to stay in that stern attitude of AUTHORITY and make sure that you run the show. If you need ideas to jump start your efforts, go read those articles I mentioned. I think there may even be other articles there on cane-iac that might help you as well. I say, go for it! And give him a good one!  Just do it safely!  Maybe you should read my book, The Adult Spanking and Discipline Handbook.  You can get it on Amazon. That should cover most things a novice should know.

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