Dear Ms. Marwood – Getting Verbal On His Ass

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Dear Ms. Marwood,

I’m glad a lot of people are coming out of the woodwork and asking for spanking advice. Who better than from you? I spank my husband Ted. He says I’m pretty thorough. He’d like me to lecture him more. I’m kind of quiet. I guess there is a place he wants to get to that I’m not delivering?
We don’t role-play so there isn’t a “script” to go by. Can you give me lecturing advice?

Appreciate it,

Dear J,

If you imagine how you would approach scolding a naughty child, perhaps a teenager, you might find yourself with a head start.  Men can often be negligent in the same ways as a teenager—not doing chores, not listening, coming home late without texting, forgetfulness…. Find something in your real life that you are annoyed about and use that for lecturing.  Most spankos like phrases like, “Shame on you!’ or “You should know better!”  or “How many times have I asked you to do X, Y, or Z?  Do you think I yell at you just to hear myself talk?!”  You can basically act like his mother.  If that’s not sexy enough for you, try wearing something alluring and threatening that if ever wants to ‘get a piece of this’ ever again, he’d better start behaving as you instruct or request. But first, he must pay for his thoughtlessness (or whatever you call it) by receiving a good sound dose of bare bottom discipline.  And if he doesn’t shape up, the next time he’ll get it even worse!  I can’t really write your personal script for you but maybe this will get you started, and you can plug in your own content from there.
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