Get Spanked – Ms. Victoria

Hi Andy,

I’m ready to spread Some Spanking Love for VDAY ❤


Come and see me in LA the 9th through 12th of February. Also, I’ll be visiting San Diego the 23rd through 26th of February. And I’m in a spanking mood. Book now. Let me know Andy sent ya!

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6 Responses to Get Spanked – Ms. Victoria

  1. tom says:

    How do you contact her? Website? Email address?

  2. Victoria Kay says:

    Andy, you should know that I am ALWAYS in a Spanking Mood and perhaps someone needs to go over my lap for mis-quoting me? 😉

  3. Mike says:

    miss Victoria Kay since your so sweet caring friendly young lady i would love go over your lap for otk spanking untill unable to sit for week

  4. Ben says:

    MS Victoria is unbelievable, she is stunningly beautiful, easy to talk with and will blister your bottom till you can’t sit. If you desire a role play with MS Kay get ready to almost believe you are living the real thing I’m not kidding she probably should have been a actress, I have seen a handful of disciplinarians and none was as fulfilling as she made it for me.

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