Jenna Spanks-Just for the Love of It

Hi Jenna, it’s so nice to talk with you. You aren’t a pro. You just love spanking don’t you?

I’m an avid fan!


At what age did it fascinate you?

I started developing an interest around age four. Of course I had no idea what it was that I was doing only that imagining a well spanked bottom and all the emotions that conjured made me want to sneak off and hump my bed! LOL!

Did you witness spankings as a child?

Sure. I’m 38, so spankings were still pretty common to see growing up, and it wasn’t until I was around 3rd grade or so that they’d banned the practice. I will say the most fascinated I was with spanking was catching them in the old school 30’s cartoons where they were quite prevalent.

How old were you the first time you gave a spanking? Do you remember it?

A serious one or a play spanking? Ha ha, I seemed to always find ‘reasons’ as a child to spank my friends in play as punishment for ‘getting caught’ (I would make them play the ‘bad guy’ so I could arrest them and sentence them for their crimes!)


I think we’ve all played those childhood games that end in spanking. How about the first “real” spanking you ever gave? How did it come about it and what do you remember about it?

The first real spanking I gave was as a teenager spanking an unruly boy for throwing a pack of light bulbs down the stairs (after he was sent to bed for the night.) Going to bed wasn’t agreeable to him, staying up past 10 wasn’t agreeable to me. His parents didn’t believe in spanking, well, I was raised with spanking, and that cry for attention was enough to make me react! I didn’t enjoy it nor have I ever enjoyed spanking a child.

I understand. Should parents spank? Do you spank your kids?

I think it depends on the child. Some kids are willing to easily obey with different methods of threatening no dessert or the taking away of their favorite toy, but then there are others that are willful and stubborn that many need a few swats to learn the lesson. I do spank my own children, but it’s always a last resort when nothing else has gotten the point across.

You don’t enjoy having to spank a child. But you love spanking grown ups. Tell us  about the first adult spanking you gave?

I was given the opportunity to spank a man for cheating on his girlfriend. She was my friend, and she wanted to forgive him, she knew I was into spanking and asked me if I would punish him because she didn’t have it in her to step up to the plate. He wanted her to take him back, so I agreed to help. I can’t tell you how hot it was to have him lay across the bed while I made him dance to the tune of a heavy leather belt! His gasps and howls left me quite wet!

I love how much you seem to enjoy dishing it out. What’s the most fun part when spanking? The submission, the first spank, wriggling?


It really depends on what’s going on, but mostly, I’m very psychologically invested. I like the dialogue leading up to the inevitable; I enjoy watching every movement and twitch before I start and after. It makes me heady to feel his muscles tightening on my thighs as I deliver the first smack and that intake of breath when he feels the smarting sting I’ve just delivered and the realization that I’m not going to take it easy on that backside one iota! The submission will come, but the journey that it takes to get there is exciting, and hitting that final note where they do give themselves over? Well now that’s just heavenly.

How does it make you feel? What do you get out of the experience?

How does it make me feel… that’s hard to sum up honestly. When I was a child, I craved spanking because I was abused and I needed to take my control back, when I was a teenager, I was angry and I wanted revenge, my fantasies centered  around hurting others as I’d been hurt, but as I matured, it became a want to nurture, heal, and fix through discipline for those that lacked the ability to control themselves. I tend to focus on villains for this reason since they are the ones people tend to deem as having no hope, and I fancy giving them direction and a reason to change. In that way it becomes fulfilling and soul satisfying for me.

You aren’t that big a fan of being spanked though?

I’ve tried it, and honestly if I’m in a head space where I can mentally step into a character I want to see spanked, it can be a fun experience because I can feel and imagine what they are going through in my head which can be incredibly hot. That said, the illusion has to be maintained or it immediately becomes a turn off for me as seeing myself spanked does nothing for me.

Why do you think people crave getting spanked?

Lots of reasons. It typically relates back to some given experience whether in childhood or not. Some were never spanked and felt neglected and a want to feel cared for, some like the intensity that feeling the sudden pain in a direct area can give, while others still carry a burden that they want lifted or a need to be held accountable because they feel that they need motivation. I’m sure there’s many more I’ve not listed, but those are just reasons I know off the top of my head.

How many people do you spank?

Currently I’ve got a couple, but only one regularly.

Are they friends, family?

Hopefully we become friends if I’m taking the time to discipline them!  

How often do you have someone over your lap?


Not as often as I’d like. Time permitting it can be difficult to find the time with a full schedule of work, school, and raising two toddlers.

Is it more fun to spank someone new or someone you’ve spanked before?

I think the longer you get to know someone the better it gets.

How about spanking women compared to men?

It’s a different experience sure, but honestly every person is different no matter gender.

I would think the perfect situation would be to spank someone who doesn’t want to be spanked. Like when we were growing up?

Well that is definitely a turn on (and mentally what gets me off), but maybe not as much in reality as in fantasy (unless it’s an agreed upon clause then heck yeah! =D) I won’t deny I’ve had plenty judicial fantasies of spanked prisoners! LOL!

Do you like to hand spank or is an implement better?

I like both, sometimes I’ll start with an implement and move to my hand or vice versa, but I do like to switch it up (as often seen in my stories.)

And which implement is your fave?

I like a thick leather strap mainly because leather doesn’t pull moisture from the skin like wood does lending for a much longer spanking without the risk of causing blisters and breaking the skin. I want to give a good painful spanking not cause actual damage to those cute cheeks 😛

Since you aren’t a pro do you want people to contact you?

Depends on the person! My husband and I have an understanding that I spank and peg other men, if that’s all you’re looking for great, but don’t expect anything else.


You also enjoy bondage and heavier play right?

I do. Again, it depends on the scene. I can like just a spanking, or I can get into a menagerie of BDSM. I will say my main kinks are spanking and pegging with a sprinkle of bondage.

So spanking is a gateway kink?

Naw, I’ve known PLENTY of spanking fanatics that that was all they were interested in. People are going to be into whatever they discover they get off to, but out of most of the kinks out there, I think spanking is probably one of the more secluded kinks that stick to that kink alone that I’ve seen (and I’ve asked many people spankos and non spankos alike! I’m a very curious person and love to understand the whys of what gets a person aroused specifically.

You’ve creatively submersed yourself in your kinks, you write about them and draw them. Will you send us sample work?

Indeed, check out the links, and please do tell me what you think! =D

Do your idea’s come from your life or are they strictly fiction?

Both, I’ve had a lot of personal experience that bleeds into my writings and definitely reflects in the characters I write whether spanker or spankee. Exploring those feelings through the written word has helped me grow as a person emotionally, and it has also served as great sexually gratifying material to get out all my desires! I have had a couple scenes that I’ve played out with others that have been electric, but I can’t say it compares to the ability to truly explore it though art and writing (not that I’m not willing to try!)

Bet it makes you great at role play?

I’ve been told as much *evil grin*

Come up with any elaborate scenario’s?

Every story I write is an elaborate scenario! LOL!

What spanking fantasy mentally turns you on the most?

Hmm… that’s hard to say as it depends on my mood and whether I’m feeling mean or not! LOL! Honestly, the part that turns me on most tends to be the forgiveness by the end and the connection that formulates between spanker and spankee.

Nothing escapes my spanking hand.

Nothing escapes my spanking hand.

Have you done it for real and did it live up to the hype in your mind?

I’ve spanked plenty of times for real, but it doesn’t really hold the angst that is a part of the fantasy, so 9 times out of 10 it really can’t. That said, I have had a few encounters that I was able to step into the head space and play out a scene, and IT WAS MARVELOUS!

Check out Jenna at all the links below. And watch her in action here:

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3 Responses to Jenna Spanks-Just for the Love of It

  1. baxter says:

    great interview. she hit on something answering your question about craving spankings and why. My parents did not spank me. But in third grade, this one girl said she had a spanking several days prior and was still feeling the heat; so I never had that experience. In another instance, I had a rotten report card and thought for sure I would be spanked for it, but wasn’t. There was a feeling of neglect, even though my parents were good parents.

  2. Mike says:


  3. Harry says:

    Jenna is only one of two spankers who ultimately elicited a “red light” safeword from me.
    The day we spent together at Florida Moonshine about eight years ago is still one of my most memorable scene highlights.
    She is also a terrific anime style artist, specializing in the Norse gods, sometimes in spanking poses.

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