Domina J Brings Tears

A client of yours, Harry, asked why I haven’t interviewed you yet. I told him I didn’t know about you. How have you been off of my radar?


I don’t know how I have been off your radar but now that you found Me, you might not want to let Me go 😉

Maybe I won’t! Well I appreciate him setting up our chat. Will you reward him?

Of course he will be rewarded with an OTK bare handed terrific spanking and then any implements he has and I have like straps and paddles. I have already broken a couple of implements, mine and his, on his backside in the past.

Lucky Harry. But let’s find out more about you. How long have you been giving spankings?

I have been giving spankings for 5 years now. Well, I have been doing a lot more than spankings but spankings are a favorite of Mine.


Do you remember the first?

The first spanking I gave was for 45 minutes in a hotel room. He was a very naughty boy who masturbated at least 4 times a day and who would give Women attitude and sometimes cussed at them so the spanking was well deserved.

How did you get into this business?

Long story short I walked out of My job in 2012, I was broke, lost My apartment and I was tired of working like a slave for people who didn’t give a shit about Me and wanted more and more of My time and didn’t deserve it. So I started putting ads up and people responded.

Just like that?

Yes. My first session was in the back of a van kicking him in the balls and letting him worship My feet. After that, I started using a hotel in a rough neighborhood and people came there much to My surprise. I used a hotel for years and all I had when I started were My hands, a wooden spoon, stockings to bind ankles and wrists and some of My panties to use as a gags. Everything just came naturally to Me and I had the right attitude and the ballsiness to do it and people most people seemed to like Me. Soon people were bringing Me handmade implements and store-bought equipment to practice BDSM and now I have quite a collection of equipment. I always appreciate those who have stayed loyal since the beginning and who were scared to death to come to that shitty hotel to come see a Woman they had never met in their lives. Being a pro Domme is not easy work though and if you are not constantly promoting yourself and keeping on top of things you aren’t gong to survive in this lifestyle/business. There are many who think pro Dommes are fake but I don’t have the time to care what they think. I love what I do and I do it well.


Where are you located and how do we get in touch with you?

I am located in Allentown PA.  I use a playspace called Lay’s Wicked Playground which is all set up for BDSM activities. The space also hosts BDSM events and classes associated with BDSM. There are many ways to get hold of Me and most of them are at the bottom of every email I send but I have a phone number of course which is 484-202-0761 or My website which is and My main email I am also on fetlife I am on twitter I am on instragram under missjdomina and I have an account here for BDSM phone talk Anyway most of these places I listed can be found at the end of My emails or on My website.

You are into heavier BDSM play too, right?

I am definitely into heavier BDSM play and I am quite the sadist. I love any kind of impact play and I do love using needles when I can. I am not really into blood although it’s obvious, doing needle play, that there will be blood. I like knife play as well but I do not do cutting and it’s more about the psychological play when I have someone bound and decide to pull the knives out. The throwing knives I have really freak people out but I haven’t thrown a single knife or maimed or killed anyone so that’s always a plus 😉

Did you take classes?

I have taken a few classes at the Wicked Playground such as knife play, fire cupping, fire play, catheterization, rope class but I do not have the patience for rope to this day. Mostly everything I know I have learned on My own through My own research or watching videos of Mistresses doing their thing. There was also a few submissives, especially the older ones, who showed Me a lot of what they know and have done. Some might say I let them top from the bottom but I am not really the type to be bothered by what others have to say. I am Me, I make no apologies for who I am and I have My own style and that’s it. A favorite saying of Mine is, Some will, some won’t and so the fuck what. So some love Me, some hate Me and I don’t really give a shit who does and who doesn’t 😉 Oh yeah, by the way, I cuss like a sailor 😉

My readers are mostly into spanking. Do you love to spank?


I do love to spank and, of course, I can give an awesome hand spanking. What I love most about a hand spanking is how My hands tingle while I am doing it and the cracking sounds the hands make whey they hit bare skin. Lol you heard I was a terrific spanker huh? Well, yes I am a terrific spanker and I think what makes for a terrific spanking is a naughty boy over My knees that obviously needs some discipline and My heavy hand coming down repeatedly on their bare bottom. I love when I can bring someone to tears and I am very verbal when giving a spanking.

Say I come to you for a spanking what should I expect?

If you came to Me for a spanking I would ask if you have a safeword and if you have any limits, like maybe you only like a hand spanking and no implements or maybe you like both so there is just some information I like to get before I have someone over My knee or practice any of the other stuff I practice. I think a pro Domme especially should direct a lot of questions to the person She is going to play with. You could expect Me to be very verbal and I have nice strong hands and lots of implements if you are ever interested in being over My knee 😉 If I can bring you to tears, even better 😉

Do you have a spanking style?

I would not say that I have a spanking style, I just love to spank in any way I can.

Favorite position?

My favorite position would be OTK spanking but I will spank in any position really.

Favorite implement?

OMG do I have favorite implements!!?? Yes, certainly do have favorite implements! My hands are My first favorites but I do love, love My wooden paddles that were custom made just for Me and I will send pics of some of them.I also have an awesome leather strap with the words Lioness Roars inscribed on the handle that Harry gave Me. Of course I have whips, floggers, canes and belts as well.

How tall are you?


I am 5 feet and 5 inches tall and I love to wear 5-6 inch heels which make Me a whole lot taller. I am also built very sturdy, you know so I can deliver those good heavy-handed spankings 😉

Does your mom know what you do?

I tell My mother and a couple of friends of Mine about some of the things I do and the fun I have doing it. Yes, I do tell My mother things and yes She totally supports everything I do.

Do you role play? Any favorite scenario’s?

I do some role play and I do enjoy it I had a scenario where I play a maid and the big executive came to his room while I was cleaning. Long story short, he thought he was going to have his way with the maid and he had the tables turned on him. I also like patient/nurse role play because I get into some medical play. I have done mommy/son role play as well. I am really down for any role play scenario as long as I can have fun with it and have fun with the other person.

What’s your favorite part of the spanking?


My favorite part of a spanking, which I might have mentioned previously, is feeling that tingling on My hands when giving a good sound spanking. I just love to have a naughty boy over My knees because I like the humiliation aspect of it as well and the power it gives Me over them. I particularly like if I can bring someone to tears. I also use this as My outlet to get energy out that I cannot get out in the vanilla world and I think it also is beneficial to the person receiving the spanking to release energy that they need to get out so it’s a win-win for both of us. Oh, one last thing, I love when they tell Me later how it felt to sit down on their spanked bottom for the next week.

Have you ever been spanked? Are you still?

I have been spanked in some of My personal relationships with men in the past but nothing hardcore and I have never nor do I want to be spanked as a Mistress. It’s just not My thing.

Do you spank females too?

I have probably spanked 2 females in My life. I am not interested in Females to play with although I am not above it but there is nothing like having a boy over your knee and giving him a spanking. In My opinion, I do not think that Women should be spanked, It should be a woman doing the spanking on a man but to each their own. I believe in Female Superiority so one reason I do not deal with Women is because We are above men and the world is in such chaos because men still run the world, but Our time is coming again and one day Women  will rule again and we will have our rightful positions and bring balance back to the world. That conversation gets’ into a bit of politics so I will stop there. Don’t get Me wrong I am very political but in this arena and most places, political talk is not tolerated well.

Is there a big difference in the sexes? How they react? How much they can take?

Sometimes I think there is a difference in the sexes when it comes to pain tolerance because I have seen Women take much more than men but then again I have seen men take a hell of a beating so I think it just depends on each individual.

Would you spank a friend or family member if they were curious?

If a family member asked Me to spank them I would not but if a friend asked Me to spank them I would spank them.  And I would definitely enjoy spanking “a little old blogger from LA.”

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2 Responses to Domina J Brings Tears

  1. Mike says:

    I would let her give me an otk spanking on my bare butt i have long list of my naughty error iam sure she will give me long hard otk spanking i be crying for sure if ask me i be unables on red well spanked butt

  2. Paddlem3 says:

    Great interview! Miss J is an excellent spanker and really gets into her role as a disciplinarian. I enjoy our times together immensely.

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